MP Robert Halfon calls on Harlow pensioners to claim extra cash to cut the cost of living

News / Thu 18th May 2023 at 08:47am

ROBERT Halfon is calling on Harlow pensioners to check their eligibility for extra cash to help with the cost of living. Robert’s call comes ahead of the deadline for Pension Credit recipients to claim the first £301 cost of living payment for 2023. 

People in Harlow of State Pension Age can claim tax-free payments to top up their weekly income. Single pensioners with a weekly income of less than £201.05 or couples with a weekly income of £306.85 may be eligible for extra cash and access to additional cost of living benefits. 

Calling on local people to check their eligibility, Robert told Your Harlow, “There are just three days left for Harlow pensioners to claim pension credit and qualify for the first £301 cost of living payment this year. At a time when every penny counts, I want to make sure that everybody in Harlow who is eligible is claiming this extra money. 

“Official figures estimate that over one million households across the country are eligible for Pension Credit but do not claim it. A change to health or personal circumstances can often leave people struggling without accessing the help that is available for them. Pension Credit also gives recipients access to cost of living payments, support with housing costs and heating bills, council tax and TV licences.

“Even those of state pension age who own their own home and have modest savings may be eligible for Pension Credit. That’s why I am calling on every Harlow pensioner to check their eligibility. 

“If you or somebody you know is of State Pension age, please do check your eligibility before Friday.”

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9 Comments for MP Robert Halfon calls on Harlow pensioners to claim extra cash to cut the cost of living:

Kim Oconnor
2023-05-18 09:03:38

Even if your a pensioner, you wouldn't get this, what's weekly pension Mr halfon??? And how much has to come in before you can claim this.??? 😂

Mike Glazier
2023-05-18 09:32:08

Perhaps his Government shouldn't have frozen the tax thresholds. Maybe then pensioners, and working people too, wouldn't see more of their income going to the tax man.

2023-05-18 09:50:57

worked over 50 paid in all my life get to 66 got to wait another month as it is a month in arrears ???? then when you get it is less than the government mimimun wage i know most have private pension but that got nothing to do with the government ROBBING us . and why do we have to work till 66 /67 when france etc work to 60 may be 62 that why they are having riots.when we was in the e u i thought we was all the same

2023-05-18 11:10:58

I worked for 14 years within gaps and now am 68 years old still working, I am evicted from property to property due to arrears . There are crisis in every living cost holes. Government solutions are poor. People are quite, I don't know if they are happy with the £300 paid will suffice them. They are desperate, affecting their living modes.

2023-05-18 12:12:58

Don't complain - more of you Harlow crowd voted Tory than last time. If you don't like it use your vote.

2023-05-18 14:07:01

mohamed ant being funny but you say you worked 14 years and your 68 you have not paid a lot in have you

2023-05-18 17:05:20

We know you don’t like Pensioners Robert, you voted not to give us the triple lock last year. Even though it was an election promise. Raise the Tax threshold that’s what’s Robbing us.

2023-05-18 19:14:13

Another letter from loyal Conservative MP Robert Halfon shedding crocodile tears about the Conservative cost of living crisis won't help anyone. What will help is a change of government. It's time to kick the Tories out.

2023-05-19 13:22:51

Small change compared to the millions stolen by the Tories when the womens' pension age was so brutally increased

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