Funding secured for footpaths in Harlow

Lifestyle / Fri 19th May 2023 at 10:05am

FUNDING of more than £5 million has been secured to change the look and feel of public places in Essex, creating space for residents to travel differently. 

By encouraging people to walk and cycle – perhaps just once a week – residents will have increased choice in how they travel, helping them improve their health, and even save money on their transport costs.

The Government has confirmed Essex County Council will be awarded £5.27 million from Active Travel Fund 4, which supports local authorities to design and implement changes to boost active travel use.

The council will use the ringfenced funding to fund a number of schemes designed to improve walking, wheeling and cycling access in Basildon, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester and Harlow.

The new schemes support the council’s ambition for Essex to make every street a healthier place to enjoy.

Cllr Lee Scott, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways Maintenance and Sustainable Transport, said: “I want every resident to be able to be able to choose how they travel each day and not have to take their car because it’s the only option they have. It is essential we embrace alternative transport methods as we know that high volumes of traffic have a negative impact on the roads in our towns and cities.

“It is fantastic news that our Sustainable Transport team have won this funding, allowing us to create the safe spaces for travel that I know residents want, and I encourage those that can, to commit to go for a walk or bike ride.

“This funding is ringfenced to support transport independence, and we look forward to working with residents on how best to develop routes in their areas.

“If people are nervous about cycling, we are offering free adult cycling training courses to teach you the basics and help you ride safely. You can find out more at www.essexhighways.org/safer-greener-healthier/safer-greener-healthier-cycling. “

The schemes which have secured funding are:


  • Wickford Healthy School Streets – phase 2 construction
  • Broadmayne to Bearsted Drive (Basildon LCWIP 2) – design only


  • Sawyers Hall Lane Healthy School Street – design and construction


  • Chess Pieces to Bishop Hall Lane (Chelmsford LCWIP 3) – design onl


  • Winstree Road Healthy School Street – construction
  • Hawthorn Avenue, Greenstead Healthy School Street – design and construction
  • Colne Causeway Crossing (Colchester LCWIP 4) – construction
  • Severalls Way roundabout to Avon Way (Colchester LCWIP 7) – design only


  • Post Office Road to Sheering Road (Harlow LCWIP 4) – design only
  • Elizabeth Way to Fifth Avenue (Harlow LCWIP 9) – construction

For more information about the council’s Safer, Greener, Healthier campaign, visit https://www.essexhighways.org/safer-greener-healthier.  

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9 Comments for Funding secured for footpaths in Harlow:

tony edwards
2023-05-19 11:24:11

The headline is very misleading as 1. there is an existing footpath between Elizabeth way and Fifth Avenue with work already scheduled and 2. Post Office Road to Sheering road is for design work only.

2023-05-19 12:17:32

Cycling on footpaths, that ain't gonna happen.

2023-05-19 13:14:56

Use the money to repair the excellent cycle and footpath network that Harlow already has.

Richard Adams
2023-05-19 15:58:25

Very confusing headline. Following the link this is for new cycle tracks not footpaths. No doubt the Conservatives will claim we now have a world leading cycle track network. I think before they can claim that they will have they need to do what AB suggests and maintain the existing network to a proper standard. Forgetting the politics this is good news for the town and environmental sustainability.

Richard Adams
2023-05-19 16:01:29

Uh uh just failed my English Sats test. Should have written " they will need to do what AB suggests and maintain the existing network properly".

David Forman
2023-05-20 05:55:43

Four cases of 'design only', as already mentioned by Tony Edwards, which will allow us to imagine the improvements. This is political propaganda that would impress the writers of Yes Minister. Move along, nothing to see here.

2023-05-20 09:00:21

They need to repair footpaths & cycle tracks we have already in Harlow as AB says. I have lived here for many many years & the footpaths are worse than the road. There is a drain where I live that jots out of the pathmemt like a volcano the path falls away in bits one side, it's on a dropped pavement cerb on a corner of the only way in to the estate, to get round it I have to go on the grass all weather or on the road on that corner either on my rollator or mobility scooter & I'm not joking, this has been like this for as long as I have lived here 14 years, but to top it all if on the scooter I can't get back onto the path until I drive on the road to the next dropped curb if I'm lucky as people park across them too. Think this town needs to think about the less mobile people where these pavememts are bloody dangerous. So with this money repair & make our paths & cycle tracks better and also the pot holes in the roads that have still not been done.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-05-20 13:41:30

Yet another Tory headline which in reality will do very little to encourage people to get out of their cars. Simple reason is that most of the traffic in the Elizabeth Way, Fifth Avenue areas is occupied by people either coming into or going out of Harlow. None can walk or cycle to where they are coming from or going to.

John Hall
2023-05-22 17:28:29

How about using the money to repair the potholes in our 3rd world roads ?

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