Harlow Labour leader backs Keir Starmer’s vision for NHS

Health / Wed 24th May 2023 at 07:00am

ON Monday, Labour leader Keir Starmer was again in Essex, this time Braintree, talking about his plans to save, reform and protect the NHS. This followed on from his trip with deputy leader Angela Rayner, to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow in January.

As part of his Mission on health in our country Starmer said:

“The next Labour government will deliver an NHS that is there when you need it:
Ambulances – seven minutes for cardiac arrest; A&E – back to the four-hour target; GPs – the highest satisfaction levels on record; waiting lists – down; planned treatment within 18 weeks.

“We will improve healthy life expectancy for all, and we’ll halve the inequality gap between different regions of England.”

Amongst the steps to make an NHS fit for the 21stcentury Labour will improve access to GPs, join up social services and social care as well as boosting mental health services and train 5 000 more health visitors. Like all of Labour’s policies its mission on the NHS is fully funded. However, Starmer identified that this wasn’t all about money, it was about reform, so that the NHS doesn’t just survive, it flourishes.

Harlow Labour leader Chris Vince attended the event in Braintree and welcomed Starmer’s speech on the NHS saying:

“The leader of the Labour Party has rightly recognised the issues facing the NHS, issues of which residents in Harlow will be only too aware. However, when Starmer talks about the issues facing our NHS he recognises that the sticking plaster politics of the Conservative government won’t wash and that just throwing money at the issue isn’t the answer.

Listening to Starmer’s speech made me feel optimistic about the future but more determined than ever to have a General Election and get the Labour government Britain needs and deserves”

Full speech:

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3 Comments for Harlow Labour leader backs Keir Starmer’s vision for NHS:

Peter Lamb
2023-05-24 22:13:22

How will they implement these pledges and how will they be funded

David Forman
2023-05-25 09:43:20

It is more New Labour style privatisation of the NHS. The problem with the private medical sector is that they use moonlighting INHS surgeons and physicians. Also, they don't train new nurses and doctors because for profit reasons they prefer to sponge off the taxpayer investment in NHS staff.

David Vincent
2023-05-25 09:59:41

Private hospitals cherry pick the easy cases, get paid up front and send serious complication cases back to the NHS in an ambulance. If you want to know the downsides of private medical care, including not having intensive care units and not having 24 hour consultant cover on site, then read the following report:: https://chpi.org.uk/news/press-releases/new-report-highlights-patient-safety-risks-private-hospitals/#:~:text=Patients%20undergoing%20operations%20in%20private,Health%20and%20the%20Public%20Interest.

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