Rags To Riches Harlow millionaire prevented from following his dream now heading for chart success

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AJAY Ahuja, from Harlow had a promising career as a DJ and music producer back in the 90s however he faced challenges. Not from the usual competition of other DJs and musicians but from his own family.

“Coming from a struggling academic Asian family, where his father was a teacher and mother was a nurse, I was expected to become a solicitor or an accountant. I felt a sense of needing to fulfil the expectations of my family. So I did just that and became an accountant.”

Ajay qualified with Deloittes and practised as an chartered accountant for 2 years but then abruptly left as it simply wasn’t for him.

“Being that corporate guy wasn’t me. I never fitted in. I was too much of a maverick constantly challenging the way things were.”

Fast forward 30 years Ajay became a successful property investor building a portfolio up to one point of 205 properties. He also wrote 13 books on the subject and became a best selling author. He went from council house to mansion house he likes to put it now residing in two magnificent homes in Cambridgeshire and Spain and owns a fleet of luxury cars.

So does Ajay have any regrets? Does he regret not following his true passion back then which was music?

“I’m not a regretful person. Never have been. I only look forward. I have been very lucky in my life and expect to be even luckier!”

His new venture AAPOfficial.com and the sole focus of his time is his musical project which provides vocals to producers to use to make hits.

“We have over 200 vocalists and over 1,000 producers who work together to make thousands of tracks. My goal is to occupy all top 40 spots in the charts around the globe.”

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift watch out….you have a new boy in town! So how is Ajay going to achieve this never-achieved success?

“No one is doing what I’m doing. We have also recently introduced an influencer affiliate program where anyone can sell our vocals and earn 80% of the income. They get to keep the lion’s share. It’s a win-win-win situation. Vocalists win as their vocals get remixed. Producers win as they no longer need to hire expensive vocalists. And influencers win as they make serious money from their social media!”

So it’s having multiple vocalists, producers and influencers all working together on his platform to produce hit tracks on a consistent basis.  It’s quite an ambitious project, we have to say. Will it succeed? Time will only tell.

To become part of his vision visit aapofficial.com

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