Harlow man jailed after being found with “harrowing footage depicting sexual abuse of young children”

Crime / Tue 30th May 2023 at 12:16pm

A MAN found with dozens of hours of harrowing footage depicting the sexual abuse of young children has been jailed thanks to the hard work of officers dedicated to catching online offenders.

Police received intelligence that the internet connection at 29-year-old Alex Wood’s address in Milwards, Harlow, had been used to access indecent images of children.

Officers with our Online Investigation Team executed a warrant at this address on 5 February 2022, seizing four devices.

One of the devices was found to contain a catalogue of footage showing young children being sexually abused.

Officers worked to categorise the footage, finding more than 1,200 moving images and 16 still images at the highest Category A.

Also found were 792 moving and 27 still images at Category B, alongside 268 moving and 56 still images at Category C.

One Category A video involved the abuse of a baby aged between two and three months.

Overall, officers graded and categorised more than 100 hours of footage.
Wood was charged with and later admitted three counts of making indecent images of children.

Appearing at Chelmsford Crown Court for sentence on Thursday 25 May, he was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for ten years and will be the subject of a ten-year sexual harm prevention order monitoring his use of devices.

Detective Sergeant Samantha Lewin, of the Police Online Investigation Team (POLIT), said:

Alex Wood had a truly sickening catalogue of child abuse images, images which depict, graphically, sexual harm of the worst kind being visited upon innocent young children.

“This collection included more than 1,200 moving images at the most serious Category A.

“Behind each of those pictures was a victim, abused for the depraved sexual satisfaction of paedophiles like Wood.

“The possession and downloading of indecent images is never a victimless crime.
“It might be easy for criminals like Wood to distance themselves from the irreparable harm caused to the victims depicted in such images.

“But this sentence shows the courts, and indeed any right-minded member of the public, will take a far different view.

“This conviction was secured thanks to the work of POLIT, a team of specialist police officers and support staff who work tirelessly and forensically to detect those accessing indecent images of children in Essex.”

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11 Comments for Harlow man jailed after being found with “harrowing footage depicting sexual abuse of young children”:

2023-05-30 16:19:43

16 months!!!! Pathetic country… absolute disgrace

2023-05-30 20:46:11

16 months he will probably be out in 3 whot was the judge thinking. all that hard work done by the police. These people should be put in prison and frow away the key. They have handed a life sentence for those children. It's only fair they should have the same sentence.

2023-05-31 05:19:57

Yet a group of people who sold cheap internet connections for live sports get 11 years. Yes it’s estimated they netted £7million . So what is worse a peado or some corporate crooks. How can they justify the massive gap in their sentences.

2023-05-31 08:09:02

A Wood’s may you die asap you bastard.

2023-05-31 13:11:12

Yet someone caught streaming football matches illegally got 12 years. The law truly is an Ass

Harlow mum
2023-05-31 19:40:19

He should be locked away for life

2023-06-01 05:50:50

Castration and 5 minutes with the abused, that will make him think twice, not locked up with another load of nonses.

2023-06-01 11:59:14

How can Detective Sergeant Samantha Lewin, of the Police Online Investigation Team (POLIT) or any other officer be happy with that sentence! Clearly it’s a crime but not regarded serious by the sentence given by the judge. Prisons 99% full, he will be out in 10 months and no-one will Police him when he gets out to resume his addiction to it either. Something serious has indeed gone very wrong protecting the public with these lenient sentences. What a mess !

2023-06-01 12:00:40

How can any serving officer within the Police be happy with that sentence !

2023-06-03 15:52:31

Chop it off. I wonder how long he would of got if the Judges child had been in the videos

2023-06-06 16:53:00

Dirty Bastard - 16 months is not long enough as he will be out in less than 8 months! This isn’t the first time he’s done this - what’s next: kidnapping and rape!! I hope the other nonces get him in prison!

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