Barbara Castle and Addison House patients get a chance to have their say

Health / Sat 3rd Jun 2023 at 09:43am

BARBARA Castle and Addison House patients get a chance to have their say. Full details below.

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10 Comments for Barbara Castle and Addison House patients get a chance to have their say:

Barbara Daniels
2023-06-03 13:13:02

I’ve been with Barbara castle hc for 48 years. I never waste a doctors time if I’m sick I need to see a doctor. We have no doctor we can talk to and have the same doctor to continue with the follow up.I’m very disappointed as I feel we don’t get the service we should. I’ve had a problem for 3 yrs after being dropped of the operating table but feel I can’t get it checked out. So I put up with it although I’m in pain in my thigh and can’t lay on my left side. It’s about time we have a regular Doctor at Barbara castle as it’s easy to park for a disabled patient where Addison house is appalling to park.

Derek W
2023-06-03 15:08:45

I had been with addison house all my life then a few years ago I changed to Barbara Castle as I was very disappointed with the care I received at addison house and difficulty in parking. Soon after I changed to Barbara Castle they merged with addison House now I'm back where I started as there is no doctors at B.C. I have considered changing again to Lister House but have been advised that the care there is no better so I feel trapped with poor quality health care.

Pauline Black
2023-06-03 15:58:46

I was asked to telephone and arrange a drs appointment after blood tests. I rang was told to ring at 8am. I literally rang at 8am and couldn’t even get in queue or be accepted for ring back. Message drs and asked for dr to ring me at a convenient time for him. I’ve heard nothing back, no reply no appointment.

2023-06-03 16:54:21

I have been with BCHC for 16 years. And without asking i have been changed to AH. It would of been nice to have been asked.

Janet Poulter
2023-06-03 17:22:37

Why can't I see a Dr face to face any more at AH. I was told recently I could only have a phone. I was phoned at work and explained I was in a corridor and didn't want to discus my problem there and then. I asked if he could ring me later. He said No he finishes at 3 and said that some else would call but didn't know when or what day! This is a disgrace,

David Forman
2023-06-03 21:07:33

Try accepting a phone call when you are up a tripod orchard ladder with a hedge cutter or top handled chainsaw in your hands. By the time I retrive my phone and get my anti-vibration or chainsaw gloves off the call has finished. Then when I read my medical notes it says "failed to answer call" suggesting I'm delinquent in some way. Talk about judgemental.

Tim Ward
2023-06-04 06:55:49

Bchc was my choice when we moved to katherines now they have merged totally pointless both of them , eg my wife takes blood thinners phoned for emergency appointment got a phone call following day symptoms related to doctor prescribed medication that not is she allergic to but could of killed her thanks to pharmacy for refusing to dispute this he knew more than dr bloody useless

2023-06-05 10:11:15

It would be helpful if these meetings were held at both locations. One of my many complaints about AH is how services are no longer available there. It is not easy for me to reach BC, particularly in the evening.

Terry Elliston
2023-06-05 20:47:28

Was registered with Barbara Castle for many years, was never told anything about merger with Addison House and knew nothing about it until I rung the doctors one day a couple of years ago (I don’t need medical help very often) and was answered by Addison House! Haven’t got a clue who MY Doctor is, and haven’t seen a doctor for well over 5 years!

Jay E
2023-09-10 16:25:31

BBC Health Centre all the time. Always get a fantastic friendly service. I didn’t want it to merge. Great community Katherine’s sumners and existing area this doctors serve. Change it back

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