Unpaid carers in Harlow praised this Carers Week ​

Health / Sat 3rd Jun 2023 at 07:05am

NEXT week Essex County Council will be celebrating unpaid carers as part of Carers Week 2023.

The national week is an opportunity to highlight what support is available to carers. This year it also marks one year since the council’s All-Age Carers Strategy launched.

The strategy sets out key commitments the council has made to carers. It also outlines how the council wants to support them to lead happy and fulfilling lives while caring.

There are a reported 124,000 unpaid carers in the county, but this number could be far greater.

Unpaid carers play a vital role in supporting families and friends to live independently. It also means those they care for can remain in their own homes and communities.

Some carers see it as their role to support relatives, friends and neighbours. They might not realise they are a carer or that there is information, guidance and support available. Carers Week is an opportunity to highlight what support the council can offer, and how to access it.

In the last year since the strategy launched, the council has:

  • provided over 5,000 carers with information, advice and guidance
  • helped over 200 carers take up our offer of counselling to support their emotional wellbeing

The council has also:

  • launched Mobilise, a new digital offer that helps carers access advice and guidance
  • helped carers come together through 40 face-to-face and online peer support groups- these groups help carers connect, share experiences, offer support and build friendships
  • made small grants of over £150,000 to carers in ‘Time for you’ awards- carers use these grants on something that supports their own health and wellbeing

Supporting unpaid carers is, and continues to be a priority for the council. The council will continue to engage with carers to make sure they are getting the best and most suitable support.

Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, Councillor John Spence said:“This may be Carers Week, but we know that carers support their loved ones every day of every week of every year. 

“Our strategy is a recognition by Essex County Council of that vital role that carers play, and we have been working with them to create a service that gives them the support they want at the times they need it.  While initial work has been done, there is still much more to do.

“When carers say that the information, guidance and support is available, and they know where to go to access the support they need, then that will be the ultimate sign of success. 

“I salute the carers of Essex, as I do carers across the country. Thank you for all that you do to make the lives of your loved ones better.”

Unpaid carers can be any age and may care for family members or friends. Hear from some carers in Essex below.

Watch Simon, a carer in Harlow, talk about his experience of caring for his 101-year-old mother- https://youtu.be/C-U6oIzqHZw 

Meet young carers from the Action for Family Carers Stanway Youth Club- https://youtu.be/IdXpQA1QUmo 

A range of support is available for carers, visit www.essex.gov.uk/carers

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2 Comments for Unpaid carers in Harlow praised this Carers Week ​:

2023-06-05 08:57:03

We know many families with disabled relatives and elderly relatives who look out for them on a daily basis. Without their help life would be more difficult,so it's good to hear about help and advice given by the council to those giving their time to those they care for..True Samaritans ❤️

Dom Taylor
2023-06-05 13:34:27

Carers in Essex can access free online information and community support through this web link https://support.mobiliseonline.co.uk/essex

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