Eighteen drivers set to be prosecuted after travelling the wrong direction on M11 slip road

Crime / Mon 12th Jun 2023 at 06:49am

POLICE Officers dealing with a collision on the M11 issue a warning to drivers who failed to obey the highway code, putting themselves and others at risk.

Roads Policing officers were dealing with a three-vehicle collision on the M11 south bound shortly before 2pm on Saturday 10 June. The slip road at Theydon Bois was closed to allow emergency services to deal.

Unfortunately, 18 drivers will now receive a notice of intended prosecution for travelling the wrong way on a motorway slip road to avoid traffic.

Sergeant Thomas Baskeyfield, of the Chigwell Roads Policing Unit, said: “We understand the frustration motorists face when they are unable to progress their journey, especially in such warm weather, however, the actions of a few motorists jeopardised the safety of other road users and hampered the response of the emergency services trying to reach those who really needed our help.”

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the collision.

Our Roads Policing Unit are dedicated to keeping our roads in Essex safe all year round, working with partners in the Safer Essex Roads Partnership.

Vision Zero is our ambition to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on Essex roads by 2040 or sooner.

Visit the SERP website to find out how you can play your part in keeping our roads safe and pledge your support to Vision Zero.

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5 Comments for Eighteen drivers set to be prosecuted after travelling the wrong direction on M11 slip road:

2023-06-12 07:34:17

It's time Highways England gave some thought to provision of escape points and more emergency access points on long stretches of motorways to avoid long waits, queues & improve access for emergency services and got on with restoring hard shoulders on their daft SMART motorways! There's lots of places where these access and egress points exist but only used by the police. Also, traffic could be vastly reduced by running monorail public transport routes along the motorway routes as seen elsewhere in the world, a far safer means of transport.

2023-06-12 18:17:58

Sounds like you was one of the knobs going the wrong way on the motorway.

Nostradamus 2
2023-06-12 20:01:47

John, please, "sounds like you were" not was one of the knobs

2023-06-13 14:08:43

Nostradamus2 - The standard of written English these days is appalling. Facebook is the worst place to see it. No point trying to educate these folk, they write as they speak.

Gary Jagger
2023-06-13 15:29:48

Instant ban for doing any illegal turn on a motorway . 18;stupid women I believe. Why dont they just stay in the kitchen

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