McBains secures planning approval for second residential scheme in the Staple Tye area of Harlow

Lifestyle / Mon 12th Jun 2023 at 01:45pm

PROPOSALS for the redevelopment of the Staple Tye depot site in Harlow were approved last week; signalling the green light for a distinctive scheme that will deliver much-needed social housing and enhance the character of the area reports McBains

The development will provide ten family-sized houses, ranging from two-bedroom to three-bedroom, arranged in terraces to the east and west of the site.

The scheme will be exemplary in respect of energy performance; designed to the Passivhaus standard to achieve net zero carbon in use. 

Centrally located in the Staple Tye area of Harlow – one of the seven, original neighbourhoods of Gibberd’s Harlow New Town masterplan – the site allows for great connectivity to immediate amenities and the rest of Harlow, with direct access to the town’s comprehensive cycle network. 

In addition to private gardens for each dwelling and terraces for the three-bedroom houses, the scheme will deliver a new landscaped boulevard, private community garden and natural play area.

The design features alternating brickwork colours to respond to the local context and to give definition to each house within the row of terraces. Off-centre roof ridges reflect the use of irregular or off-centre pitches on surrounding dwellings and provide an optimum angle for photovoltaics.

The scheme has been developed to deliver a project with low space heating demands, optimum thermal comfort and air quality levels. The energy demand has been minimised through a highly efficient building envelope including good insulation level, reduced thermal bridges and low air-tightness values. An MVHR unit supplies tempered air for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer to maintain internal comfort levels, with domestic hot water provided by an innovative DHW heat pump tank that together deliver significant energy savings. Photovoltaic panels are employed onsite to provide further carbon emission reductions.

McBains has been providing a full inter-disciplinary service to Harlow Council on this and several other schemes, comprising architecture, building services engineering, civil and structural engineering, sustainability advice, cost management and project management.

The Staple Tye depot site is the second scheme that McBains has secured planning permission for within the Staple Tye area, having achieved the go ahead for the former Lister House medical centre on Perry Road last summer, along with The Yorkes in Tye Green and Arkwrights garages. Earlier this year, McBains also secured planning approval for the Harlow transport hub and interchange.

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13 Comments for McBains secures planning approval for second residential scheme in the Staple Tye area of Harlow:

2023-06-12 14:36:55

Do any of these developers live in harlow?I wonder if they have even thought about the number of cars that could come with all the newbuilds? The site in arkwrights is used for residents to park their vans/cars and there is a lot of people that use it,so all those vehicles will have to park elsewhere which will probably end up being on the pavements and on any grasdy areas churning up all the grass and also those new builds will no doubt have many cars aswell. It is disgusting what has happened to harlow and it should never have been allowed to get to the stage it is now at,but there will still be more and more newhomes built and with that comes many many more cars. I do not drive but i do feel sorry for anyone that does because the parking situation is horrendous and not to mention dangerous when pulling out of junctions etc.

Harlow Gooner
2023-06-12 16:33:20

Re: with direct access to the town’s comprehensive* cycle network. (*Risible) Good luck with the contantly flooded underpass at flytipped Longbanks and flytipped Bishopsfield. Do please enjoy all the glass, broken light fixtures, poles with no signs, poles with signs but unreadable, loose dogs, dogs mess, occasional dead body, muggers, trollys and very interesting Graffiti.

2023-06-12 17:59:50

Harlow Gooner well said and at least you paint a true picture of the town. I have to laugh at the way these developers make everything sound so glamorous and lovely.

2023-06-12 19:33:45

Affordable or not???? Know where I'd place my bets!!!

Nicholas Taylor
2023-06-12 20:59:34

Another site which should have provided homes exclusively for older people who want to downsize their home, close to shops, health services and bus stops. The older residents would be relinquishing their family sized home which would be allocated to those on the Council's Housing Register. In due course all of these homes could be sold under the Right To Buy, lost to the councils stock.

Phil e
2023-06-13 09:02:04

Yeah the developer & Harlow council don't care building houses in arkwrights is not going to be fun parking will be a total nightmare but they don't care they will start towing cars stealing more money off people

Kim Oconnor
2023-06-13 10:51:30

It amazes me that ,no thought s are put into the needs of people in this town. We have elderly in high rise flats, elderly that carnt do stairs any more, who's places could be released to families,, if only they would build for the needy.. We have, 5,000 on waiting list , families needing homes. The list goes on. And yet the regeneration regeneration is only built for those that can afford it. Disabled people needing ground floor accommodation. What does that tell you, it tells me, that money and profit comes before the people in need, and desperately waiting for homes. There building to bring more and more people to Harlow, with no infrastructure put in place, on our all ready crumbling service s. No thought s behind any of theses new unaffordable housing estates.

C green
2023-06-13 12:15:20

Lot more homes would be available to those on the waiting list if the council did something about ‘tenants’ who are subletting the home allocated to them. No longer living in the premises themselves and making money in charging rent higher than the council are charging.

2023-06-13 18:32:00

V shaped roofing has always been a problem (in the long term). Why? Well, over time various types of rubbish get cought in the 'gully' and accumulate, because it is not accessable, then after that has happened rainwater does not clear quickly enough and penitrates into the building which causes considerable problems. Flat roofs are not good either, the best are the more prominent and regular upside down V.

Kim Oconnor
2023-06-13 20:14:59

C.Green, there needs to be a cap on it. But all so if landlords didn't let there property s, the housing list would be much higher, much. But this cap has to be put in place.

Michael Hardware
2023-06-13 22:42:30

If you read the article, McBains is not a developer, it is a consultant employed by Harlow Council to design these new council houses and bring them through planning ready for construction. When complete, they will house people from the housing list - they are Harlow housing meeting the needs of Harlow people. The Conservative Council promised to build 99 new council homes within two years: this is some of those homes.

Kim Oconnor
2023-06-14 05:59:57

Mr Michael Hardware, do you actually think 99, out of how many thousands and thousands of private accommodation being built is enough.??? How many for disabled people?? How many bungalow s for the elderly that could free there own house s up.?? And will it even be 99, given track record on how consultation in theses matters,alter.

2023-06-14 09:59:06

Kim O’Connor, the development above is being built for social housing tenants. I agree that housing provision for the elderly should also be built, but not included on a development with families, as that would be too noisy and intrusive. Some nice bungalows on a quiet development would be welcome for many elderly folk and they would be happy to give up their council house if they had a decent home to go to.

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