Princess Alexandra bosses excited for future after news of new hospital for Harlow

Health / Mon 12th Jun 2023 at 11:44am

LAST week, we sat down with the chief executive of Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust (PAHT) Lance McCarthy and the chair of PAHT, Hattie Llewelyn-Davies.

Our thirteen minute interview centred on one subject, the plans for a new hospital.

Plans that took a massive step forward with the announcement that Harlow is set to get a “fully-funded” new hospital with construction to start in 2025.

So we asked them to give us they reaction to the news as well as a possible timeline between now and the day they open the new hospital doors.

We looked at whether they had finalised location and purchase of the land (by Junction 7a).

We also looked at whether moving a hospital three miles down the road will solve Harlow’s health challenges.

But most of all, we asked them what they thought a new hospital will bring to the town?

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12 Comments for Princess Alexandra bosses excited for future after news of new hospital for Harlow:

gary roberts
2023-06-12 12:33:05

"Construction to start in 2025" Really? I suspect that date was related to a possible election before it. Halfon will run around telling people he is a genius and when he wins, the plan will be revealed that unfortunately it has been delayed and will not start until 2031 at the earliest. I wouldn't trust him to run a bath let alone the development of a new hospital.

2023-06-12 13:33:31

And Gary Roberts, you gave evidence for your assertion, or nothing more than your opinion. I would imagine that the senior management of PAH are likely to be somewhat better informed.

Dan Swords
2023-06-12 13:39:39

The Chief Executive of PAH has set this out in crystal clear terms. This puts to bed the Labour party’s rubbish from only a few weeks ago saying this wouldn’t happen, or calling our MP a liar. The Conservatives are delivering a brand new hospital for Harlow.

gary roberts
2023-06-12 14:20:57

Cllr. Leppard, senior management? Are they senior management? Better informed? I would hope so, but senior management closed Osler House so I better believe them eh. And the council leadership backed them despite stating they supported the Osler House development and that building is still derelict. I know any "good news" will mean an out burst of celebration by you and your colleagues but I have heard it all before resulting in nothing of note!

2023-06-12 15:19:33

This is getting boring now. It's also pathetic hearing lie after lie. For me it's all a game between adults who expect us to vote for them. We need a new hospital, stop messing about+sort it. Grow up if you need to or give it to the general public to sort, it won't take us long.

Alderman Durcan
2023-06-12 16:34:53

To be fair the MP has lied in the past over his personal claim that he has secured funding for a new PAH. In the same way the current Tory administration has provided mis direction over the immediate regeneration of the town centre. We could mention that not a single brick had been laid to support their “pledge”to build more council homes. Have you seen the old Lister house site. Why are we surprised that many don’t trust politicians and therefore don’t feel able to vote. As for PAH is the new land now owned by the dept of health or still in private ownership. Show us the money… Then Harlow may start to believe

2023-06-12 16:42:12

PAH your still cancelling Rheumatology appointments I've had six cancelled now from August last year. Why are you running a Rheumatology department with such a skeleton crew. Its not right and now you have sent us over to harts and Essex.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-06-12 17:25:36

For Harlow and not of course in Harlow, The Epping Forest DC area will now have two hospitals. It will be interesting to keep a careful eye on the time line, lets not forget that when a move from the present site was declared as the preferred site in 2019, it was suppose to open in 2025. The present site is earmarked for some 400+ new homes (not council ones of course), yet more hundreds of people being crammed into a few square miles.

2023-06-12 18:37:55

The economic effects of moving PAH out of town some miles away into Epping district will be severe. Also, many many staff who live very near to the present site and locally will find a new site in Epping district more difficult to access. Pah is currently very near both the bus and train stations. Its current location is locked into the new East West mass transit plan. Many live in areas in Harlow right next to the current site: this reduces travel time and cost as well as making 12 hr shift work and extremely demanding jobs. Moving away out of Harlow rather than building upwards on the current site will be a disaster for businesses, the town centre, patients and staff.

2023-06-12 19:37:46

What a smug interview: We understand the loss of a hospital and how terrible the residents of Hemel Hempstead feel when their hospital was moved out of town and their boarders but don't give a fig for Harlow, we're getting on fine with Epping! A footnote: Epping are arranging transport: it's linked to Gilston estate and hggt developments none of which are in Harlow or under Harlow Council. How many buses will Epping arrange into serve all areas of Harlow in the same way as does our bus station? No assurances about parking and there's not even a cycle tracks to the new site at j7a. Pulling the wool over our eyes. Harlow is losing it's hospital: Epping will have two and property developers will be happy to pick up the profits. Great !!

Pat Roberts
2023-06-13 07:54:47

Putting it simply …. People want a definite on the site …. And when will the planning application be submitted? Never get an answer to these questions! Perhaps an answer please from hosp management or Robert Halfon or Dan Swords ….. Thanks!

2023-06-13 17:36:15

I agree, Nostradamus. Harlow isn't gaining a new hospital, it's losing the existing hospital. VERY different, and we should be disgusted.

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