Harlow MP Robert Halfon on mortgage crisis for local residents

General / Sun 18th Jun 2023 at 03:44pm

WE were reluctant to bring up the subject of former prime minister Boris Johnson with MP Robert Halfon as we had already written one article (before the privileges committee) with Mr Halfon’s response.

Instead, we wanted to get to issues that are far more pertinent to the day to day lives of Harlow residents.

The cost of living and mortgage rates.

We interviewed the MP at the St Mary at Latton Church Fete. One of the highlights at the summer season in Harlow.

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11 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon on mortgage crisis for local residents:

Jo Revitt
2023-06-18 16:53:44

Who is paying for all this proposed help? The tax payer! We are paying for furlough, I will not pay for people's mortgages. Enough is enough.

Gary Roberts
2023-06-18 17:09:01

Energy prices coming down? When did that happen? And of course if you lose your home energy prices become irrelevant. He hasn't a clue because as Mr. Gove stated helping people with housing costs is "constantly under review".

2023-06-19 00:31:26

Clueless just another politician spinning nonsense to cover up the issues they have caused with cheap credit. Government hemp should be doing nothing it always just makes the situation worse. The most terrifying words are " I am from the government and here to help" I like Rob but he has never worked in the real world outside politics and it is increasingly showing

Michael Beere
2023-06-19 06:22:15

Convenient to avoid the BJ disgrace and the vote in Parliament today. Any money Robert Halfon abstains.

Kim Oconnor
2023-06-19 08:58:09


David Forman
2023-06-19 10:18:03

The best bit of the interview is at the beginning with Simply Red's 'Holding back the Years' playing in the background.

Guy Flegman
2023-06-19 18:11:29

As I age I realise more and more that we get by in spite of our politicians and not because of them.

2023-06-19 22:50:52

Guy government works directly against most people, and thier best interest. Government wants you to be dependent on it and need it. the last thing they want is freedom because then there is no leverage over you. The best thing we could do is shun politicians in society and laugh at thier laws and rules. They cannot even be bothered to follow them themselves.

Michael Beere
2023-06-20 06:37:48

Now there's a surprise - Robert Halfon abstains, can't be bothered or afraid to let his master BJ down. Shocking abnegation of responsibility and demonstration of his politics - say all the right things but come to a vote in Parliament he votes against ordinary people' interests or in this case dodges the issue.

2023-06-20 17:55:38

Robert Halfon. About as much good as a chocolate teapot When will people wake up to see what this man really is? A fake.

2023-06-27 15:59:34

Nice one Jo. Why should the government bail out mortgage payers. The trouble is this generation want everything given to them. My generation had nothing, when I bought my place 8% mortgage, inflation 15%, no tv, no car, no mobile, no holidays. If you didn't have the money you didn't have it, not like now, want everything given to them

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