Over the border: New 1,250-home garden community approved

Planning / Tue 27th Jun 2023 at 09:36am

A NEW 1,250-home garden community and a “town centre” costing £500m have been approved by planners reports the Local Democracy Reporter Service.

Bars, cafes and a civic hub are included in plans for the new Brookfield Garden Village and Brookfield Riverside at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire.

Opponents had raised concerns about increased traffic on the A10.

However, Broxbourne Borough Council approved the plans at a meeting on 20 June.

To make way for the Brookfield Riverside town centre development, the New River Trading Estate will need to be demolished.

Barry Hackworthy, a local business owner, said granting the application represented a “lack of consideration” for small firms.

“The local business community, already broken in half in the economic aftermath of the pandemic, simply cannot bear the burden of relocating without the necessary financial resources,” he said.

Among those objecting to the garden village and its new homes was Nick Baker, who said: “Work out how residents would drive south towards Waltham Cross and London – all of this traffic from 1,250 homes uses the existing road.”

The council received 10 objections to the housing development from neighbours and 43 objections to the Brookfield Riverside “new town centre”.

The planning committee voted unanimously to approve outline permission for the Brookfield garden community.

Plans for Brookfield Riverside were passed with eight votes to two against, with one abstention.

The Conservative leader of the council, Lewis Cocking, said: “The developments will create much-needed housing and affordable homes, a variety of leisure and retail facilities, including a new cinema and up to 2,500 permanent new jobs.

“This will not only be good for the local economy, but will also have environmental benefits.

“The new town centre will be fully integrated with the public transport, cycling and walking networks and local people will no longer have to travel outside of the area for their shopping and leisure needs.”

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4 Comments for Over the border: New 1,250-home garden community approved:

2023-06-27 12:35:34

Harlow and beyond is fast becoming an overpopulated concrete jungle. IItssuch a shame that all this constant building of more and more homes is an ongoing huge project and in my opinion for the worst. It has nothing but a negative impact on many peoples everyday lives. Green spaces eaten up,beautiful wildlife losing their habitats and i would have thought that nature is like a form of therapy for us humans,but it is all slowly disappearing and being replaced by concrete structures. Not to mention the overload of cars and work vehicles parked up in housing estates everywhere and blocking the pathways, which forces us pedestrians into the roads and not just us pedestrians it is dangerous and a hazard for drivers also. I do feel sorry for some drivers because they must get angry at the way other drivers park. Also we are losing our privacy, everywhere we go there are these new build flat blocks that are high and you feel as if you are being swamped and just overlooked basically. Its horrible what is happening not just in harlow but no doubt all over the uk.we are far to overpopulated.I dont even recognise my own town anymore with so many new street names etc. Lol.

Kim Oconnor
2023-06-27 21:42:57

1,250,new housing estate.. Strange how they just say affordable homes... just how many will be affordable, they never state this. Agree with cp, the destruction of our lands, out wild life, our ecosystem s is amense. Just to add,, do theses councilor s think we just want to cycle from one estate to another, never leaving the town.... how wrong you all are,, you know the nice thing that's nice about Harlow is, it didn't matter what way you cycled out ,you were in country side... sadly this will be no more. It should be called the concrete jungle.

Luke Burton
2023-06-28 21:15:34

I am a graduate on well above the median salary - but I bet I couldn't afford one of these "affordable homes" - even with a 20% deposit! A bit unfair if you think about it - doing what society tells you to do, work hard at school, go to university, get a great graduate role and it's all for nothing in the end - even if you do save diligently.

Luke Burton
2023-06-28 21:16:26

Is this what Conservatism is about? I thought being a Conservative meant rewarding hardwork and the value of grafting.

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