Should this happen in Harlow? Dogs are set to be banned from parts of Chelmsford’s largest park

Lifestyle / Fri 30th Jun 2023 at 01:12pm

DOGS are set to be banned from parts of Chelmsford’s largest park under council plans to stamp out canine attacks reports the Local Democracy Reporter.

Chelmsford City Council is set to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) restricting areas of Hylands Park where dogs are allowed.

It is also set to include where dogs are allowed off the lead, and restricting the number of dogs that can be walked by an individual.

Failure to comply with the prohibitions and requirements imposed by this PSPO could lead to a £1,000 fine.

The proposals follow an increase in incidents of dangerously out of control dogs reported to Chelmsford City Council.

While the majority of the park will remain available for dogs to run off the lead, ‘on the lead’ zones are set to be designated where large numbers of visitors coalesce.

They include the estate’s car parks, including the Writtle Road entrance to Hylands Park, the green space immediately next to the adventure playground leading up to The Stables and Hylands House, the estate’s formal gardens, and the immediate area surrounding the Serpentine Lake.

The council plans a small number of spaces where dogs would not be permitted at all.

Dogs are already not permitted at the adventure playground, Hylands House, the Grand Pavilion and The Stables courtyard and fenced-off grazing areas for horses and cows but the order would formalise this.

In the last year there were 33 reports of dog on dog or dog on human attacks in public areas in Chelmsford, including a number of incidents at Hylands.

These include reports that a group of five large dogs off the lead approached a family opposite the adventure play area and one of the dogs jumped on a four-year-old child.

In another attack a large dog tried to bite a park user on an early morning walk.

The estate’s deer have been attacked by dogs off the lead at Hylands. Last month one animal had to be put down after sustaining serious injuries from a dog attack.

The council’s public health and protection services manager says the proposals are a proportionate response to this trend.

Paul Brookes, public health and protection services manager said: “Although most visitors to Hylands Park co-exist quite happily most of the time, there are occasions where out of control dogs cause alarm, distress and injuries to people, wildlife and other dogs.

“With incidents of this nature increasing both locally and nationally, it’s sensible to think about measures designed to ensure that everyone can use the park with confidence.

“In reality, these plans shouldn’t make much difference to the way that responsible dog walkers use Hylands.

“Public Spaces Protection Orders are intended to make public spaces more welcoming to the majority of law-abiding people.

“The proposed PSPO will allow people who are nervous around dogs and dog walkers who wish to keep their dog on the lead to enjoy the park without fear.

“The PSPO would also allow dog walkers plenty of space to walk their dog off the lead if they prefer.”

The PSPO, which is set to go to consultation after a Chelmsford cabinet meeting on July 6, would also limit the number of dogs walked by any one person to four.

This would apply anywhere in Hylands Estate.

The RSPCA recommends that no more than four dogs are walked at any one time by a single person and that is the maximum number being proposed for Hylands.

Councillor Rose Moore, Chelmsford City Council’s Cabinet Member for Greener and Safer Chelmsford said: “Hylands is a truly wonderful and substantial green space with an incredible variety of habitats and a fascinating history.

“Dog walkers who come to our beautiful park week in, week out, see all of the changes that happen throughout the year and feel an understandable connection with the estate.

“But Hylands isn’t only a place to walk our dogs. It’s a space for children to find joy in creative play and connect with nature, a park for get-togethers and picnics, a venue for a wide range of inspiring outdoor events, and a working estate with heavy horses and cattle.

“Fortunately, attacks by out of control dogs are not a common occurrence at Hylands, but they do happen, and reports of such incidents are increasing.

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14 Comments for Should this happen in Harlow? Dogs are set to be banned from parts of Chelmsford’s largest park:

Guy Flegman
2023-06-30 15:24:22

Maybe dealing with the owners of out of control dogs more severely would be a better deterrent.

2023-06-30 17:08:15

As always it is the owners who are to blame. There are so many iresponsible owners out there that dont even bother to put any training in place with their dog but insist in having the dog off the lead. I am a massive dog lover and have my own dogs,but i think this is a good idea.

2023-06-30 17:49:08

Great idea. As stated already by Guy and CP, it is the owners who are supposed to be responsible. And further to that, in any public area the owners of dogs should think before letting their dogs near to other people. I have lost count of the number of times when people out walking their dogs, let them get near you, and the owners never consider what effect dogs have on other people. Both my wife and I suffer from asthma, and if we go near a dog, it triggers it off, that is why we steer well clear.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-06-30 19:19:38

I personally think this is a great idea. Many people still do not clear after their dogs and when they do, not very well, there are people who are frightened of dogs and people allergic to them. The same should go for the football pitches around the town and the cricket ground at Ash Tree Field.

Kim Oconnor
2023-06-30 19:28:23

It's not the dogs, it's the owners.. Know your dogs,,, train your dogs.. Teach them recall.. if you know your dog is temperamental put a muzzle on when out... know your dogs nature... I've had dogs all my life, if you don't teach them right from wrong, that's when things go wrong. If you carnt trust your own dog, how the hell do you expect other people to.

Brian Wilson
2023-07-01 00:46:52

I've got a German Shepherd I will never put her on a lead, touch me and she will Bite you leave us alone we will leave you alone that's fair

2023-07-01 04:29:42

Brian Wilson bite with a capital B it must be a "hard" dog but do you clear its mess up or are you just another moronic dog owner who walks away.

2023-07-01 12:24:50

Brian wilson i have a german shepherd but always on lead,it doesn't matter what breed of dog you have its about the recall. I take it you have 100% recall on your dog so that she does not run up to other dogs or people?

2023-07-02 07:23:02

Simple answer is no un less this communist Russia but we know harlow Council like to act like it

Kim Oconnor
2023-07-02 09:44:47

The thing here is, the councils don't know what to do next,, looking for ways for the next fine.. if we don't have our parks to walk our dogs, our football field s, where are we supposedly to walk...... At the rate there building over our lands,, if they bring this in there be no where.

2023-07-02 10:22:13

Same old snivelling from the anti dog fascists, it's a pity you can't clean your own human crap everywhere, dogs don't leave plastic bottles and shopping trollies all over the place, the green spaces in Harlow are for all of us so get your kids to pick up there shit

Kim Oconnor
2023-07-02 18:39:53

Agree Gary, or take it home with them.

Linda Miller
2023-07-04 11:26:40

Hylands Park well let's hope the chelmsford council police it because they surely don't send wardens to fine people who don't pay for parking. Let alone the park has been destroyed by heavy lorries setting up for creamfields.Not right they are penalising dog walkers and the park is for everyone

2023-09-02 23:33:42

Question - If, when you went for a walk, you had people regularly running up to you then rabidly licking all over you and repeatedly putting their snotty nose all over you I think most people would find that disgusting wouldn't they? I tried to have a peaceful walk yesterday. 5 mins in I have a dog jumping up my back then jumping up my side and my front over and over and over again licking all over me and rubbing his snotty nose all over me even as I am walking as fast as I can away. At 100 yards from the owners he is still running ahead of me and behind me then running straight towards me and jumping straight up on me again and again. I am not in any way afraid of dogs, I am just utterly and totally sick of my trainers, socks, legs, shorts, T-shirt, hands and arms being absolutely covered in Dog Lick and Dog Snot every time I go for a walk!!! Dog owner was shouting "Tyler, Tyler", the dog totally, utterly and completely ignoring them while I get covered in spit and snot, yet again!! Is it really too much to ask for dog owners to keep them totally away from people who do not have dogs?? - it is disgusting and infuriating being repeatedly covered in lick and snot!!!

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