Essex Chief Constable: “Police officers must be fairly paid or we risk losing them” as 71 new officers pass out;

Crime / Sat 1st Jul 2023 at 07:05am

THIRTY-seven woman and 34 men passed out in front of their friends and family, Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington, Police, Fire, and Crime Commissioner for Essex Roger Hirst, and the High Sherriff Mr Charles Bishop and Mrs Bishop at Essex Police headquarters today (Friday 30 June).

Chief Constable Harrington, one of the country’s most experienced police chiefs, used his speech to the new recruits to reiterate his call for an increase in police pay.

He said: “The cost of living is not getting any lower and I hope the police pay review body and the government respond accordingly with a fair and fully funded pay offer for officers and staff.

“Police officers should not be left behind when it comes to pay.

“They must be paid fairly or – to be blunt – we risk losing them.

“It sounds very obvious, but if we don’t retain our talent, we’ll lose it. We’ll lose good people who do great things. And I don’t want that.

“The pay review body will respond in July – and I would say to them; follow the evidence, look at the job police officers do.

“They leave their families, go to work and run towards danger. They protect people in the dead of night, all while you and me are tucked up in bed asleep.

“It’s £1,000 a month for a 1-bed flat in Essex, if you can find one that’s available. I know I have said this before, but you can’t arrest your rent bill. You can’t taser the gas bill. How can you expect brave people to run towards danger, day and night, when they can’t afford to cook a meal at the end of their shift?

“This is an extraordinary job which attracts extraordinary people. I am not asking for extraordinary pay, I’m asking for fair pay, it is the least that police officers deserve.”

Essex Police is currently at record strength and Chief Constable Harrington said it is delivering for the county’s residents.

He said: “Crime is falling. There were almost 5,000 fewer offences recorded in the 12 months to the end of May, compared with the same time last year.

“We’re driving down domestic abuse – often a difficult crime to tackle. We’re driving down criminal antisocial behaviour too. We listen to our communities. We understand what’s important to them. We do something about it.

“In Essex, we don’t just go to burglaries in peoples’ homes. We get the evidence. We catch the burglars. Sometimes our evidence is so compelling that they own-up, like the man who admitted to 11 burglaries and who’ll be sentenced next month.

“When it comes to convicting sex offenders, Essex Police comes top. That’s right, we are number one for our conviction rates in cases brought against the most serious criminals. We caught and convicted 576 serious sexual offenders in the last year. Over 90% of charges resulted in conviction. 90%.

“And because we are delivering, it is time that this work is recognised with fair pay.”

There are food banks at some police stations, while in recent months the force has seen officers leave to become a scaffolder, a detective tempted back their old job selling double glazing with commission, while others have gone to become a train driver, taxi driver, and English teacher.

Police, Fire, and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Roger Hirst, said: “I am hugely proud of our new police officers for stepping forward to do such an important role, providing protection and reassurance across the county.

“In Essex we are continuing to maintain a record high in officer numbers, and this is making a difference. Overall crime has reduced by 2.9% and there are more officers in our communities and specialist teams helping to prevent crime, support victims and protect the vulnerable.

“Our police service is also working hard to continue to build trust with our public. I am committed to ensuring that Essex Police has the resources, systems and processes it needs, so it continues to be a service the public can have confidence, trust and take pride in.

“On behalf of the people of Essex I would like to wish every one of our new officers good luck as they begin their policing journey.”

At Essex Police, we value difference, and know that we’re strongest when we all work together.

If you share our values and want to protect and serve our communities, why not join us?

If you think you could protect and serve the people of Essex, either as a police officer, member of staff or volunteer, why not see if you fit the bill?

Find out more by visiting our careers page: https://www.essex.police.uk/police-forces/essex-police/areas/essex-police/ca/careers/

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2023-07-01 18:00:56

Lol just been informed about the lost post's in this topic. I will be naming the officers soon.

Dan Long
2023-07-03 15:57:10

It's not just the police that should be fairly paid. Careers, including privite sector carers like myself paramedics, fire fighters,nurses, vets and nursery worker should be paid fairly too. Especially if this no good Tory government start payiby the unemployed, £1600 per mouth to live on, in my opinion the unemployed shpuld be able to live on £800 per month, nevermind £1600 per month, tgey get a discount in their rent, energy, council tax, TV licence School dinners & trips plus they don't pay for Dentist treatment or perceptions.the Tories or the Labour party are not here for the hard tax paying working class of Harlow or Britian in general.

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