First Avenue in Harlow shut off after collision between car and pedestrian

Crime / Sun 2nd Jul 2023 at 11:11am

Statement from East of England Ambulance Service.

“We sent three ambulances, air ambulance and a RRV to the scene.

“A patient was transported to The Royal London Hospital”.

Update: Essex Police: 1330 hrs

We are currently on the scene of a serious collision on First Avenue in Harlow. 

Officers were called around 10:45am on Sunday, 2 July following a collision involving a car and a pedestrian. 

FIRST Avenue in Harlow has been shut off after a road traffic incident.

The section of road is just west of Momples Road opposite St Mary at Latton Church.

The incident occurred after 11am on Sunday morning.

The road has been shut off both ways.

An Essex Air Ambulance attended and YH understands a person was airlifted. The air ambulance appeared to head south.

Police and ambulance are at the scene.

The respective press offices have been contacted for more details.

More follows.

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16 Comments for First Avenue in Harlow shut off after collision between car and pedestrian:

2023-07-02 12:10:15

Having been a resident for a very long time in this area, I have noticed a massive increase in the level of traffic on First Avenue, especially since the new exit to the M11 has opened. Despite having a speed camera in this vicinity, once drivers go past, they speed up. When is this council going to start taking responsibility for the safety on Harlow roads. There needs to be a mini roundabout at the junction of the Churchfield/Felmongers with First Avenue and also a mini roundabout just before The Stow which turns off into the Tanys Dell area. Crossing the road between Churchfield and St Mary at Latton Church on First Avenue, has always been dangerous and this has been highlighted even further by the addition of a bus lane which makes the road a lot wider. What should be put here is a pedestrian controlled light crossing, like they have at The Stow on First Avenue. This measure, along with the addition of two mini roundabouts, will drastically stop the flow of speeding traffic and if I can see this, why can't Harlow Council see it. What is our MP doing about the traffic in Harlow?

2023-07-02 12:29:28

tom be careful what you wish for lived near southern way where there is a few mini roundabouts .seen a few accidents a near misses along there people dont get you give way to the right etc .i dont think it is the road just bad drivers sorry to say there is loads in harlow

2023-07-02 12:40:59

That road is so dangerous and the turning going into Harlow museum is a nightmare to get out of. Cars speed up and down that road. Needs a zebra crossing or mini roundabout. Does it take a death to get something done about it !

2023-07-02 12:58:32

How about having a fly over for pedestrians? This will increase safety

Luke Burton
2023-07-02 13:20:16

Agree with Lez re: mini roundabouts.

2023-07-02 13:20:18

Something needs to be done for people trying to cross the road and cars coming out of the side roads… it’s a race track and unsafe for both

2023-07-02 13:24:26

The road from harlow to the new junction is too fast cars supposed to travel at 40 miles an hour go more like 80 night and day little signage and it won’t be long sadly until there is a serous accident cars do not even stop at pelican crossing at marsh lane !

2023-07-02 14:21:04

I agree with everyone about the traffic and speeding cars but when I walk and need to cross, especially with my children, I will always use the underpass, the traffic lights at the museum, traffic lights at the stow or even the little islands at the museum turning. There’s no need to add anymore crossing aids or even cross the busy road in the middle.

2023-07-02 16:09:20

I heard the air ambulance way before the time you say the accident happened it’s so dangerous coming out of the road from felmongers/churchfield going upto the stow

2023-07-02 18:44:12

There are two traffic light crossings and an underpass on this stretch of road between the two roundabouts all well within a mile stretch. People shouldn't be cross this road between?! You see the same thing people crossing right over the top of third avenue underpass, and lost count the number of people who cross in front of the fire station when there is a perfectly good underpass... I don't know the age of the victim in this situation but is any form of road awareness taught at school?

2023-07-02 20:31:23

Chris, there is a dropped curb here.. by solo flight going across to the church. Inviting people to cross! They are allowed to cross here regardless other ways along the road to cross! The council needs to put a traffic island in if they want people crossing! And lets not get started on the churchfield and museum junctions!

2023-07-02 22:13:58

Crossings seem to be put in in random places whilst underpasses hsve been closed. Crossings need to be put where there's a "natural "place where people cross. Assessment of "Natural places" takes time, good observation and planning, but not rocket science Underpasses shouldn't be closed but using cameras both monitored and put up on external screens visible to the public rather than closed.

2023-07-03 07:12:09

No mini roundabouts please... Just look at how bad the one in park court works (where the old swimming pool was), just a little bit closer to the city centre on the very same road... No-one treats it as a roundabout, I've seen a few cars flipped over there already. They probably provoke more accidents than they prevent. Would rather have a pedestrian crossing with its traffic lights to be honest.

Janet Lenihan
2023-07-03 13:27:47

Another pedestrian crossing would slow the traffic down, since the bus lane has been there it is treacherous trying to cross this road, people who have restricted mobility are not going to walk further from the path that’s in place as it’s too far, and if people are attending church that is the obvious place to cross, I’ve crossed that road many times and often had to speed up because cars go to fast, if people would only keep to the speed limits in this town there would be fewer accidents, it’s hard to judge speed of s car coming towards you total nightmare irresponsible people always in s hurry to get somewhere

2023-07-03 18:40:06

There are lights on either end of that stretch of road on First Ave, as well as an underpass connecting either side in between the lights. It doesn't need mini roundabouts to solve the problem. It needs smarter drivers and pedestrians.

Maria fox
2023-07-08 12:22:34

I loved it that area all my life and that road is a joke wondering when there no cross roads for people to get from one side to the other we new the young lady who died she lived opposite us she was a lovely woman

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