Arrests following assault in Tesco’s on Edinburgh Way

Crime / Tue 4th Jul 2023 at 11:36am

A SECTION 60 Order, which was placed in Harlow on Sunday, 7 July resulted in arrests for knife possession offences.

The order followed an assault which took place in Harlow, East Road at around 4pm on Sunday, 2 July. Officers were called to the store following reports of a boy being assaulted after a disturbance.

The victim was punched and sustained minor injuries. Further enquiries revealed that the victim was in possession of a knife. He was later arrested on suspicion of possession of a bladed article and has since been bailed.

A Section 60 Order- Stop and Search in Anticipation of Violence Act was enforced across a wide area of Harlow.

This meant that officers were given additional stop and search powers within Harlow to assist with enquiries following this incident.

On Sunday, 4 July, another boy under the age of 18 was searched in The Stow. He was found to be in the possession of a knife, was arrested on suspicion of possession of a bladed article and has since been released under investigation.

Chief Inspector Paul Austin said “Residents in Harlow may have noticed an increased police presence on Sunday, 2 July. 

“Following the assault, we were concerned around how this could escalate between those involved.

“Officers decided to utilise this order to keep the wider public safe and prevent further people coming to harm.

“Enquiries remain ongoing and this assault is currently under investigation.” 

Stop and search is important to help us investigate crime and keep the public safe. The Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 is different from the usual stop and search as it means officers can search without reasonable ground for a specific time period within an authorised area. This must be signed off by a senior officer when it’s believed that there is a genuine risk of serious violence. 

Usual stop and search powers are never used lightly, and officers will only exercise their legal rights when it’s believed there is a risk. 

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7 Comments for Arrests following assault in Tesco’s on Edinburgh Way:

2023-07-04 14:17:34

We need laws like Singapore. If you commit a knife crime, including unlawful possession , you will be punished with cane strokes and imprisonment for between 2 years to life. We are too soft and woke!

2023-07-04 14:58:00

Such a pitty Harlow has reached this point but knives are a big problem - good that our police took that action.

2023-07-04 19:59:59

We need to give our Police greater powers of Stop and Search also backed up with harsher punishments from the court system. The vast majority of the public would be in favour so maybe our elected officials should act on what we the public want and not what they the politicians think we want

Matthew Durham
2023-07-04 23:01:16

Well a minor was assaulted and robbed by three grown men and a knife was recovered it took the police 4HOURS to respond. This was at staple tye around a month ago video was available of the vehicle used as a getaway car. Harlow police disgraceful!

2023-07-04 23:11:18

Another fine example of lawless harlow.

Melanie Hopwood
2023-07-05 04:54:07

Released to walk our streets & carry again & next time probably use the knife , this should be instant prison , keep the stop & search in all the time not just on occasions , things need to be stepped up serious punishment needs to be handed out ,

2023-07-05 08:47:30

There is a little known London overflow centre down in Riverway that is not far from both incidents. If you go down Riverway, over the small bridge and the road bares right heading towards the tip. On the right hand side is where the Old Gilbey offices were, you'll see quite a few abandoned bikes dumped by the gates. The offices have been turned into rooms for London overspill to be dumped in Harlow. If you really wanted to know what's going in, get a journalist to request a visit to the facility and see the type of people London are throwing out to Essex.

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