Harlow firm launches eco-friendly toilet tissue

Business / Wed 5th Jul 2023 at 06:22am

HARLOW firm Sybron, a leading UK supplier of cleaning, hygiene and catering products to some of the largest names in hospitality, has launched SySoft Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue. Partnering with eco-friendly and bamboo specialist, UniGreen, Sybron has created this sustainable product with exceptional environmental properties, in response to growing customer demand.

SySoft Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue will appeal to Sybron’s environmentally committed customers, in particular premium hotels working towards reducing their carbon footprint. It is available in cases of 48, 3ply rolls with 200 sheets per roll. 

SySoft Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue is made from 100% bamboo and the packaging is plastic-free. The many environmental benefits of bamboo are widely known: it is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable; it is the single fastest growing plant, fully grown within three to five years, versus 30-50 years for trees; it thrives in depleted soil and retains soil moisture, encouraging re-growth; it generates 38% more oxygen and removes more carbon dioxide from the air than trees; it prevents deforestation by eliminating the need to cut down trees.

“With the launch of SySoft Luxury Bamboo Toilet Tissue, Sybron continues its ambition to work towards a greener future,” says George Mason, sales and marketing director of Sybron, which is based at Crammond Park in Lovet Road, Harlow. “SySoft customers will know they are helping to create a sustainable future for the planet by replacing wood pulp paper and plastic goods with products made from bamboo, the world’s fastest growing renewable plant source, and by supporting communities and creating jobs.”

UniGreen is working towards a greener future, by aiming to replace all wood pulp paper and plastic consumable goods with products made from bamboo.

“Sybron is working hard to provide customers with products that minimise environmental impact, making this a meaningful partnership,” says UniGreen’s Bakhtiar Hanan. “Bamboo products are the path to a future where our forests can breathe freely and our oceans

flourish once again. We believe strongly that our success will be measured by the legacy we leave behind – how we impact the life of humans, the planet and its amazing species.”

SySoft is Sybron’s second own brand to launch this year, following the launch in January of SyBio, a range of biotechnology-based products that combines probiotic, enzyme and plant-based ingredients to maximise performance with minimal environmental impact. Sybron’s dedicated teams work with customers to offer the best products specific to their business. For more information go to www.sybron.co.uk.

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2 Comments for Harlow firm launches eco-friendly toilet tissue:

2023-07-05 18:20:40

We need to know the cost! Is it wholesale only? AND if it is retail too, where to buy.

2023-07-05 18:48:02

Most.thinga brought out with green credentials are very expensive. If any company really cared about the environment they would at least price match, but they never do. I think it is all about the 'green pound'...

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