Police report large drop in reports of anti social behaviour in Harlow

Crime / Sat 8th Jul 2023 at 06:53am

OPERATIONS to combat anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Harlow have led to a 35% drop in offences in the past year claim Essex Police.

There were 1,114 reports of ASB in the year to the end of May 2023, compared to 1,724 in the previous 12 months.

In the same period five years ago, there were 3,593 offences reported. This year’s figures represent a fall of 69% from those levels.

The pedestrianised streets around Market Square, Broad Walk and the Water Gardens had seen people congregating to drink alcohol, nuisance behaviour from groups of youngsters and the illegal riding of e-scooters.

Residents, business owners and those visiting the town centre told officers the behaviour left them feeling uncomfortable and intimidated.

In response, Operation Shopper was formed. This has led to hundreds of hours of additional high-visibility patrols of the town centre. Officers have removed more than 200 alcoholic beverages from the hands of drinkers and seized 150 e-scooters.

Harlow town centre is covered by a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) that prohibits the public consumption of alcohol in the town centre. The riding of privately owned e-scooters in public areas is illegal.

The Community Policing Team have also been working to solve ASB issues in residential areas of the town, particularly involving nuisance vehicles. Reports of nuisance bikes, drug use, and general loud anti-social behaviour in the Oxleys led to a partial closure order being secured on a property and problem individuals leaving the area.

Harlow District Commander Chief Inspector Paul Austin said:

“Operation Shopper has improved our visibility in the town and the response from the public and local businesses has been excellent.

“People told us that e-scooter riding and street drinking were really affecting their quality of life. We’ve worked hard on enforcement and it’s clear from walking around the town that this has had a positive impact.

“We’ve given out community protection notices, community protection warnings, and we’ve made more than 20 arrests in and around Market Square alone for public order offences, violence and drunkenness.

“We’ve also been working with people at the council and charities to try to help the individuals who are misusing alcohol.

“ASB has a huge impact on people. It affects their ability to live and work and it’s something we’re dedicated to tackling and stamping out.

“We want the town to be a pleasant place for people to visit, and we want people to feel safe. If you are a victim of anti-social behaviour or witness it, please tell us and we can do something about it.”

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14 Comments for Police report large drop in reports of anti social behaviour in Harlow:

2023-07-08 08:49:42

Thats because people stop reporting it coz we know that police will not do much

Harlow resident
2023-07-08 12:40:38

The town centre hasn't got better it's got worse Broad walk seating area has only drinkers there sometimes from 8am , they have babies and kids with them to , it's a never ending job for the police the Stow and Bushfair are the same meeting points to get pissed.

Stop the speeding
2023-07-08 13:20:03

Over by kingsmoore needs. Constant police presence for nuisance cars and speeding it's horrendous , there's older people that are terrified when they hear the noises , and n old woman was crying one day after a car revved driving into an estate , she nearly dropped her shopping andtold me that she is fed up with it, that her heart jumps everytime they do it ... There's two distinct black Audis which have there exhausts modified , after I knocked doors , they changed there exhausts, kingsmoore needs police presence and some of the estates like copse hill need speed ramps to stop the cars revving and speeding up that straight road , I believe leader of the labour party in Harlow Chris Vince has sent a letter to Harlow council to ask for these requests.. fingers crossed Harlow council listen

2023-07-08 13:32:53

Mari your spot on with that comment, few weeks ago I was walking through the town and some dick rode past me on an empty scooter, two pcso's walked past and said nothing, I said to them they're no supposed to ride through the town and you've said nothing to him to which she replied OK sir! What a waste of time having them, there's two who regularly have coffee in Costa!

2023-07-08 14:39:40

Stop the cyclists riding through the town centre, every couple of minutes you see cyclists riding through and some of them at high speed with no regard for pedestrians.

2023-07-08 14:46:43

Nothing shoukd be riding tbrough the town centre,its shocking. No respect for anyone and mymum has nearly been hit by one of them scooters and she is in her 70s,lets hope that never happens to my mother because i would never leave it believe.

2023-07-08 15:14:36

No point in reporting anymore, because the police don't do anything about it. The yobs still continue their behaviour even with police present, worst thing police do is move them on, then they return. So what's the point in reporting it? Furthermore the police falsify statistics and reports to make them look better. They don't care about rightful justice, just themselves

Asad P
2023-07-08 19:31:00

The police might not be perfect, but don't give up on reporting. Make notes of dates/times of all incidents & make a FORMAL COMPLAINT if it appears nothing has happened.

2023-07-09 07:38:58

Personally I feel like the drunks and the druggies in the town center are all part of Harlow's rich culture. The council took away the music venues and art studios so we are no longer an arts town. What else do we have left of our culture if not pi$$heads and druggies? Leave em be.

2023-07-09 08:41:36

I think that's right that the police do nothing,so nobody reports..

P Leach
2023-07-09 16:13:45

Police are a waste of time and our money they do nothing . Yobs got into my house stole my car keys. I caught them trying to start the car 2 nights running. We had the whole thing captured on cc tv but the oolice not interested or to scared to even view the footage.

2023-07-10 09:18:41

They never bother coming when you call them ,there only interested in pride and doing line dancing with there mates, we always have money for cameras on the road and out side shops but you try getting them to solve crime then nothing, we all need to stop paying for a crap service, bit like the council

2023-07-10 11:14:24

The orders all lasted 12 months and are all coming to an end! As this happens every thing goes back and you have to start all over again! These orders are not lasting solutions to the problems in Harlow! It's sad and shameful. My child was almost hit by a cyclist on broadwalk on Friday. The rider was smug and amused. I have also witnessed officers ignoring such behaviour and offenders know it.

2023-07-11 20:59:33

I lived in Harlow for nearly 50 years. And for 14 years I lived opposite Harlow Town Station. Many times U confronted the boy racers in the train station car park. I had a knife pulled out on me once & a car driven at me you guessed I was removed no one was interested

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