Harlow residents urged to complete countywide Community Safety Survey

Crime / Thu 13th Jul 2023 at 02:19pm

A new Community Safety Survey to identify priorities to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Essex has been launched.

The 13 Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) in Essex, working under the umbrella group Safer Essex, have developed the survey to help identify the impacts of crime and anti-social behaviour in the county.

This is the first time a single online survey is available for Essex and it will allow residents to not only respond about where they live, but also where they work or study in Essex, helping to create a complete countywide overview.

Cllr Louise McKinlay, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council and Cabinet Member for Levelling Up and the Economy, said: “We work closely with our partners to improve the safety of Essex residents, help make our communities safer and address key issues such as violence and vulnerability, and safety for women and girls.

“By completing this survey you will help us and our partners get a clearer understanding of views and help to shape our future work.”

The results of the survey will be used to help councils and Essex Police identify what the priorities should be for each area.

The survey covers all types of crime including burglary, theft, fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

To take part, visit: https://consultations.essex.gov.uk/equalities-and-partnership/community_safety_survey_2023

The survey is open until 20 August 2023.

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2 Comments for Harlow residents urged to complete countywide Community Safety Survey:

2023-07-13 16:25:34

What's the point, we ring up the council and they don't do anything for the long living members of the town ,there only worried about bringing thousands of people to a town that's been full for years, no care for the town, take our money for shit service, poke your survey

2023-07-13 22:30:00

I have to agree somewhat with Gary. I have been trying to get a very important issue sorted out with Harlow Council but you can only ever get in touch by email or leave a message on an answerphone. I've been to the Civic Centre and asked to speak to someone face to face to be told that nobody came back after Covid and are all still working from home!!!! How can we achieve or accomplish anything in the town with faceless people and WHY has this been allowed to continue!!!

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