The Stow to get share of £1.1 million in fight against anti-social behaviour

Crime / Wed 19th Jul 2023 at 07:01am

ESSEX Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is investing an extra £1.1 million in high-visibility patrols and targeted intervention to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) in eleven hotspots across the county.

Around 30,000 hours of officer and partner patrols will be undertaken over nine months across the areas, including coordinated focused nights of action to target persistent behaviour. 

The funding is provided from central government as part of their Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy and is designed to deliver high visibility patrols, public engagement, targeted youth outreach and early intervention.

ASB has fallen in Essex by over 60% since 2016 but there were still 18,771 ASB offences recorded in the year to the end of May 2023.

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Roger Hirst, said: “It is unacceptable that people have to suffer from anti-social behaviour in their communities. By tackling these issues early, we can stamp out this behaviour and make it very clear this is not acceptable and that there will be consequences. 

“By working together with councils, partners and communities we have been able to identify and target offenders, reduce the risk of incidents by improving the physical layout of spaces and work with schools and community groups to provide alternative activities for young people. 

“The investment today and our coordinated approach will help drive down ASB even further.” 

The eleven hotspots have been identified using the last five years of recorded anti-social behaviour incidents, feedback from the public and from partners in Community Safety Partnerships. 

Each area is tightly defined and will benefit from extra police visibility patrols, council and partner patrols and robust enforcement of anti-social behaviour as well as engagement with local businesses and communities. 

The teams will be able to tackle issues such as littering, graffiti, fly-tipping, street drinking, and noise nuisance by issuing fixed penalty notices as well as verbal and written warnings.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Prophet, who is the NPCC lead for anti-social behaviour, said: “Anti-social behaviour ruins lives and damages communities. ASB is not a ‘low-level’ offence and it should not be tolerated. Everyone has the right to live free from intimidation and harassment. 

“The significant reduction in ASB offences across Essex shows the work we are doing, alongside our partners, is having an impact. 

“This additional investment is fantastic and will allow us to do even more work where the need is greatest – our hotspot areas. 

“I ask the public to continue to report incidents of ASB. If we don’t know about it, we can’t work to tackle it. Policing is one part of the solution so we will continue to work with local authorities and other agencies to combat both ASB and the underlying causes.”

Phillipa Brent-Isherwood, Chair of Safer Essex, the Countywide Community Safety Strategy Group, said: “ASB is a blight on our communities, and is one of the crime types that has the most impact on victims.

“By working together through Community Safety Partnerships we can use our local knowledge and experience to tackle offenders, reduce the incidents of ASB and give everybody safer communities.”

The extra patrols will provide a strong proactive problem-solving approach and will be supported by stronger communications and public engagement. 

The eleven areas are spread across nine districts:

Tendring (Clacton) 

Colchester (Cowdray Avenue) 

Colchester (Greenstead) 

Chelmsford (Moulsham Street) 

Brentwood (Railway Square) 

Harlow (Stow Shopping Centre) 

Epping Forest (Debden) 

Thurrock (Lakeside including Chafford Hundred Station) 

Basildon (Elm Green) 

Southend (Maple Square) 

Southend (Southchurch Road) 

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11 Comments for The Stow to get share of £1.1 million in fight against anti-social behaviour:

Sally Kemp
2023-07-19 12:33:52

The stow is pretty awful for antisocial behaviour, but please consider Katherines area. I only moved to Church End a few months ago and it’s terrible. That refuge , or temporary accommodation place called Godfreys is despicable. There is always shouting and arguments there. Last night I heard and saw one from my house . There was a skinny blonde woman shouting and screaming in the street at two men and another woman. This woman has got children and it’s not a good look. Don’t want to judge though as we don’t know what could have happened, but she’s mouthy and it’s not the first time she has caused trouble around here and the police were called. I moved here because I researched Church End and was told it was a quiet area- it would be if you got rid of some of those troubled demons in Godfreys.

james nicholson
2023-07-19 12:42:20

The biggest issue facing Police today isn't the ASB it is the fact that there is absolutely nothing for kids to do that will keep them from committing anti social behaviour. We should invest into clubs for youth and invest in longer term tackling of it as well.

2023-07-19 14:05:50

Sally Kemp, You say you do not want to judge but it seems you have already done just that and as for it being despicable it is as you say a refuge or temporary accommodation and the people that are staying there are there not through choice i can assure you of that. Do have have any idea of the strains that some of them may be under? i doubt it or do you care about the children's schooling that reside in Godfreys with having to change schools, uniform etc? again i doubt it but not to worry as you are ok. Also perhaps you should have done your research a little more diligently, oh did i forget to say that i have family that live at Godfreys?

Tory sally
2023-07-19 14:35:30

Jarrett. I am judging yes, because I was putting my kids to bed and my husband has to get up early and this horrible woman was shouting in the street, not the first time she’s done it either . It’s antisocial behaviour and she should check herself as she’s got children herself. It’s not a good look. I completely understand the strains they are under , but inviting strangers over and having arguments in the street do not help children when they are living in temporary accommodation. Maybe if these people causing arguments in the street are your family, you should go and help them rather than voicing your opinion on Facebook. Maybe buy them school uniforms and help them get out of temporary accommodation and get their mum off the drugs. This government money should not just go to the stow, it should go to Godfreys in church end too.

2023-07-19 14:46:14

Sally… you said in your first post… don’t want to judge, then when someone voiced their opinion you then said you are judging, sounding very contradicting of yourself, You saying about people voicing their opinion but yet that’s what you’re doing ? Also making assumptions, how do you know what goes on in that persons life ? End of day you’re sitting there saying “money shouldn’t go on the stow” you’ve only just moved here so what on earth would you know about issues in the town? Also this is your Harlow, not Facebook, Make up your mind, either your judging or you’re not 😂

Tory Sally kemp
2023-07-19 15:05:07

Jarrett it’s ok for you to say, because the antisocial behaviour in Godfreys Church End, is not affecting you because you dont live here. It’s affecting people who live in Church End. You carry on defending a- holes. Well done.

2023-07-19 16:46:32

Sally kemp you are saying you dont want to judge but you are doing exactly that. Also we all live in such close proximity to eachothers and we are all so different,that we really need to be more tolerant of eachother,everyone's life is different.

2023-07-19 17:27:26

Sally, Our family are not on drugs and as Grandparents we help them out as best we can including school uniforms etc, they were put there because they had nowhere else to go, i will not go into details here but suffice to say that they would sooner be elsewhere.

Sally kemp
2023-07-19 18:16:41

CP , I bet you live somewhere really quiet where there are no antisocial disturbances. Jarrett , surely the council can house them in a decent house. They should be top of the list if they have nowhere to go. You have to keep fighting for it and constantly contacting the council and your local councillor to get out of there- please do if it’s the woman who keep causing the antisocial behaviour here, can’t wish she goes soon enough.

Mark Gough
2023-07-19 18:22:24

To be fair this conversation does raise how best we deal with refuges and temporary accommodations around the town, because whilst people in them clearly have difficulties, everyone has the right to a quiet life past 9pm. I'm interested to see that the Stow is the focus in Harlow. I'm surprised at that, as the Town Centre, Bush Fair and the Town Park are well known hotspots too. What I find staggering is when we the General Public have been calling for proper Community Policing since Roger Hirst was first elected, all we've heard is it's old hat and not the way of doing things. Now the Government gives him £1.1m and now some areas are getting..... Community Policing! So what the flipping heck has he been doing with all the rest of our tax money? We have had car meeting issues down by B&Q and Halfords for years and he's done nothing despite reports and pictures. I am very much looking forward to seeing our Police presence increased around the Stow, and hope it increases around other parts too! Mark Gough - Reform UK

Tony WIseman
2023-07-20 08:06:39

Why do people keep saying there is nothing to do in Harlow? There are sports clubs and teams of all types and there are volunteering opportunities everywhere. And why would anyone think that the alternative to finding things to do is to be anti social or cause damage to people and property? Whilst out for a walk last weekend I saw 2 teenage girls walking along with litter pickers and bags voluntarily collecting the rubbish along Tumbler Road that other less thoughtful people have dropped. What a shinning example to others they are and I thanked them for what they were doing.

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