Harlow Council takes Oxleys home back after Old Harlow area blighted by antisocial behaviour and criminal activity

Crime / Fri 21st Jul 2023 at 07:43am

HARLOW Council has successfully recovered possession of a property in The Oxleys, following the eviction of its tenant who was responsible for a number of antisocial behaviour issues, both at the house and in the surrounding area.

The home in question had previously been the subject of a closure order, obtained by Essex Police, which had prevented access to the property for a three-month period following multiple reports of criminal activity, drug possession and other antisocial behaviour linked to the property.

Following the making of the closure order, the council issued possession proceedings and secured a possession order at Chelmsford County Court on 1 June 2023, requiring the tenant to leave the property immediately. The property was recovered following an eviction on 10 July 2023; the tenant had already vacated the property by this time.

Councillor David Carter, deputy leader of Harlow Council and cabinet portfolio holder for housing, said:

“One of our main priorities is to restore pride in Harlow – and this includes tackling antisocial behaviour which brings our town down.

“I am pleased to see this matter has now been resolved – our residents have every right to live in our town without fear of criminal activity and antisocial behaviour ruining both their lives and the local area.

“This action is the result of months of joint working between Essex Police and Harlow Council to address the issues in this case, which have had a negative impact on the local residents and the community.

“The successful outcome would not have been possible without the evidence provided by residents clearly showing the behaviour they were experiencing and the impact of this on their everyday lives, which highlights the importance of residents coming forward and giving evidence based on what they are experiencing.

“We are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour in partnership with all relevant organisations in Harlow and will continue to take action where necessary to keep our residents and our council homes safe.”

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8 Comments for Harlow Council takes Oxleys home back after Old Harlow area blighted by antisocial behaviour and criminal activity:

They just move on to somewhere else
2023-07-21 08:13:30

It's a shame Harlow council didn't act when a case of anti social behaviour was reported to them nearly 3 years ago and they passed the buck saying it wasn't their responsibility. After numerous reports to Harlow Police and other agencies and nothing being done, it has been allowed to escalate and made other residents lives hell to the point of tenants having a mental breakdown. It now looks as if those who were thrown out of the Oxleys have just moved on to other places and have been reported to be seen and staying at other properties. Deals and dealers seen entering and exiting the propeties, drugs, alcohol abuse and prostitution offences on a weekly basis. Yes it's been reported, but if anything will come of it god only knows

"Good morning my neighbours!"
2023-07-21 09:17:06

It's a shame Harlow council didn't act when a case of anti social behaviour was reported to them. Vs Working together? Oh dear.

2023-07-21 11:18:23

If the behaviour of the tenant is as described over 3 years the question is why aren't they and their criminal associates in jail, sectioned or deported?

Sally kemp
2023-07-21 11:23:35

Probably housed in Church End now.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-07-22 07:53:11

This must be part of the Conservatives long term election strategy, get as many articles in the press to boost the profile of current Councillors and the Party. This case is nothing new, many tenants over the years have been evicted because of their anti-social behaviour. The key question which has already been asked is why did it take so long to get the tenant evicted? During this time no doubt other residents had to put up with all the behaviour of the evicted tenant, It can lead to a fear of returning home, mental health problems and problems within relationships. Cllr Carters first report in his new post should read, good news in the end but must do better!

2023-07-22 09:11:35

Unfortunately, about 3 or 4 years is about par for this kind of situation to be resolved. I had a similar experience a few years ago . My flats were terrorised by a cukooing drug gang in one of the flats. Every day/night some kind of incident requiring the Police to attend . How nobody died still remains a mystery to me . After several Police raids , the sufficient evidence was obtained and a number of arrests were made. The Police , quite rightly want to arrest those as high up the supply chain as possible. The Council however , did not regain possession of the flat until the resident had been jailed for an unrelated offence (shoplifting) . Whether the laws have to be updated should be looked into I don't know , but yes , must do better !

Dean Clarke
2023-07-22 10:28:09

Unfortunately those anti social people will be rehoused somewhere else and cause problems for their new neighbours and then it all starts again.

2023-07-23 08:37:35

There is no answer to deal with people who have no standards or morals.. We are in a country that produce these kind of people. So many have nothing to give to society what so ever it shouldn't taje so long to deal with them. Their neighbours have probably been living a stressful life for too long.. Council should get their act together and stand up to thrse anti social families.

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