Free HGV training being offered to Harlow drivers

Business / Sun 23rd Jul 2023 at 07:17am

FREE HGV driver training is being offered in Essex thanks to a partnership between Essex County Council, Tendring District Council, Uttlesford District Council, Harlow Council and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Logistics is a key sector across the UK, with HGV drivers ensuring our supermarket shelves are stocked and farms, factories and construction sites have key materials and products to function properly.

Despite how essential HGV drivers are to our economy, there is a significant worker shortage in Essex, with 891 regional job postings since January 2023 alone.

The programme has funded trainee spaces at RSM Commercial Driver Training and LGV Training School.

Out of the 21 who have now completed their training, ten students have already secured work, while a further 30 are still engaged in the programme or have progressed to further training.

The programme has supported individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, with very few learners having experience in the logistics sector. It has also engaged people with disabilities, helping them to gain confidence whilst learning new skills.

Councillor Tony Ball, Essex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education Excellence, Lifelong Learning and Employability, said: “The Essex HGV Driver Training Programme has seen huge success since launching in 2022. Thanks to fantastic partnership working with our district council partners, the DWP and training providers, we’ve been able to provide learning opportunities to residents across the county, whilst filling gaps in an essential sector.

“I’d like to congratulate the learners who have already completed the programme and secured employment, and to wish the best of luck to those undertaking training.”

Find out more about the HGV Driver Training Programme by watching this short video.

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23 Comments for Free HGV training being offered to Harlow drivers:

Dan Long
2023-07-23 18:01:21

I would be interested I thi.

Dan Long
2023-07-23 18:02:24

I would be interested in this.

Afewerk Rossom
2023-07-24 00:24:27

Hi I’m very interested in taking training.

Paul Nevill
2023-07-24 07:04:49

Good morning I would like more information as I'm looking for a career change please advise

Paul Nevill
2023-07-24 07:05:42

Hi can you please give me more information

2023-07-24 08:11:57

It’s a rough life as a Hgv driver. Plenty of people are training and getting qualified and when they get into the real world of long working days and nights out on the road sleep on a tiny little bed in a lay-by they soon walk away from the jobs. You have to contend with employers who treat you like trash and push you to breaking point to get the job done no matter the consequences. 15 hour days are normal in this industry. Road users who have no respect for the very people who make sure your everyday goods are there for you on the shelves when you need them. And the facilities at service stations for drivers are disgusting at best and that’s if you have the time to even stop at them No clean toilets or shower facilities. Over priced food is a joke. Life on the road ain’t no joke people so think carefully about your career changes

Sami Mehmet
2023-07-24 09:17:40

Interested please

Trevor Wray
2023-07-24 15:23:57

Hi i would be intrested in any free training, for HGV if it is still on offer.

Richard Salberg
2023-07-24 15:49:52

I am interested

Richard Salberg
2023-07-24 15:50:46

I am interested in the HGV

James Baxendale-Nye
2023-07-24 16:40:21

I would be interested in finding out more information. Thanks

Janusz Tomasik
2023-07-24 18:27:35

I'm interested in C+E

Luke Ashcroft
2023-07-24 22:25:29

I see this as an opportunity to progress myself and give myself a better future,Luke Ashcroft,

Luke Ashcroft
2023-07-24 22:27:39

I see this as an opportunity to progress myself and give myself a better future,Luke Ashcroft, I am applying for first time ,so comment is how I feel about this opportunity thank you

Luke Ashcroft
2023-07-24 22:30:12

I see this as an opportunity to progress myself and give myself a better future,Luke Ashcroft, I am applying for more information thank you,

Dan Liddiatt
2023-07-25 04:37:24

Interred please and would like more information kind regards

Lisa Williams
2023-07-25 15:47:58

I'd be interested.

Danny Greene
2023-07-26 09:53:15


William kasonso
2023-07-26 12:04:52

I am Interested in this

Chloe Doree
2023-07-27 14:34:18

Hello, I am looking for a career in HGV driving. Please can you give me a message

Kirk Adams
2023-07-28 08:57:15

Sounds like a great idea. Please let me know more.

Christopher brown
2023-08-07 19:52:27

I am very interested in this I emailed directly over a week ago but have heard nothing since

Lorenc Dosti
2023-09-10 16:05:15

Hi i would be intrested in any free training, for HGV if it is still on offer

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