Harlow’s new Zelenskyy road signs vandalised

Crime / Sun 23rd Jul 2023 at 06:57am

VANDALS have spray-painted over the name Zelenskyy from all the road signs in Harlow.

On Friday, there was a special ceremony marking the naming of the stretch of road that runs from First Avenue to the A414 at Eastwick.

Members of the Ukrainian community joined MP Robert Halfon and many others in marking the occasion

By Saturday afternoon all six signs had been marked over.

Earlier in the week, one of the signs had tape over it but this time a person or persons has walked the mile to ensure each sign is defaced

YH has approached Harlow Council for a comment.

These are the first road signs in the United Kingdom to have the President of Ukraine’s name attached.

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35 Comments for Harlow’s new Zelenskyy road signs vandalised:

Zack O’Sullivan
2023-07-23 07:09:28

The tin hat brigade out painting over signs. Imagine being offended by having a persons name on a road sign.

2023-07-23 07:37:15

Vandals changed the name.

Idiot Harlow people
2023-07-23 07:38:12

Harlow should NOT be getting involved in that war.. Keep out off it Harlow! Especially the people with flags in there gardens. Do you really want WW3?

2023-07-23 08:00:50

If you want to re-name a street in harlow why not name it after young Robert Foster who gave his life in Afghanistan!!! He's a hero not the Ukrainian president.

2023-07-23 08:16:14

100% agree David. A smashing lad he was. Robert Foster avenue would be extremely fitting.

Staff Reporter
2023-07-23 08:29:50


Staff Reporter
2023-07-23 08:30:04


2023-07-23 08:49:16

well said david

2023-07-23 09:07:44

PR stunt by our tory council. 1000s of great people in this town that deserve a road named after them. They should have saved the money on the new signs and donated it to the food bank.

Bruce Downey
2023-07-23 09:16:45

Usual vandalism by these morons. anything new is targeted ie, flower beds, Stone Cross. CCTV, etc the list is endless…

Nogin the nog
2023-07-23 10:06:07

It is very annoying it looks bad on harlow but I to think we should keep out of it I think Zelenskyy has got more to worry about a road sign whith name been blanket out

2023-07-23 10:26:46

The people of Harlow have every right to not be happy with this. This war has nothing to do with us.

Stephen Archer
2023-07-23 10:33:39

Its not so much that Harlow Conservative council has chosen to honour the President of the Ukraine, but that they have dis-honoured the memory of a great statesman and humanitarian Salvador Allende of Chile. As gunfire from Pinochet's fascist insurrectionists could be heard around the Presidential Palace, Allende broadcast to the people... "Keep in mind that, much sooner than later, the great avenues will again be opened through which will pass free men to construct a better society. Long live Chile! Long live the people! Long live the workers!" 11th September 1973 Moments later to avoid capture and humiliation he chose to take his own life. Allende is honoured in many places around the world, but Harlow is the only place to disassociate itself from his name in this way. Without bothering to think about allocating the name Zelenskyy to a road with only a number e.g. Third Avenue, and without consulting the people of Harlow, the Conservative Council have taken down the name Allende and brought shame on themselves and the town.

Raul Constanza
2023-07-23 11:30:32

Those who think that Ukraine struggle against tyranny has nothing to do with Harlow or the UK have a scant knowledge of history and are seriously deluded as were the Appeasers before WW2, making concession after concession to Hitler in the hope are avoiding conflict. The only way to deal with tyrants is to confront them head on. Ukraine's fight today could be our fight tomorrow if Putin is is not defeated. Harlow and UK should be proud to stand on the side of right and of freedom. I also agree that Robert Foster should also be honoured as suggested. It is not a case of either or.

Jesus Christ
2023-07-23 11:47:23

Putins a hero he stopped covid what a butch of bo%^**x that was … and good old gay boy Zelenskyy who was an actor to act being a president…. Plus swagging about in high heels and leather shorts yeh know running the most corrupt country in the world …. Just leave Russia alone you war mongering idiots … ah yeh world war 1 and world war to all part of the industrial military complex financially backed by ROTHCHILD on both sides so I think some People on here need to research there history .

Martin Garrix
2023-07-23 12:20:03

There are some really scary (thick) people in these comments who clearly know nothing about Ukraine, Zelenskyy, or the preceding 10 years before the war started in Ukraine - just like the moron who vandalised the sign. Fix the sign. Slava Ukraini.

2023-07-23 12:21:12

Why squabble and waste time, there's roads named after Pottery and those with just numbers so plenty of places to use for names. Vandalism costs us the tax payer as does renaming roads. Memorial plaques might be less costly and less controversial. It has to be remembered appeasement of invaders doesn't work and it's a hard lesson from history that it is more likely to cause a greater war than reduce the possibility.

Aaron Taylor
2023-07-23 12:57:30

Wow! Everyone has a voice, even the extremely stupid. If those who find a sign so offensive get a Fu@#ing life!!!! Those who love Russia go Fu@#ing live there!!!!!! Putin is a corrupt, backward thinking, aggressive, imperialist little Hitler with small man syndrome who has dreams of invading other countries for expanding his borders. If any of you sympathize, like or condone what he has done the you have no place in civilized society and should get out of the UK and move to Russia.

Andrew Turvey
2023-07-23 14:01:08

"Great statesman" Allende? That's the Marxist from Chile who besides having no connection whatsoever with Harlow backed the Soviet Union in the cold war despite the suppression of the Prague Spring and Hungarian Uprising before it. Glad we no longer have that name on our street signs.

David Morris
2023-07-23 14:17:02

This war could be ended now. I have no patience for it. I find anyone who underestimates the Russians to be as ill advised as those who support Ukraine joining NATO which is not happening.

2023-07-23 14:18:18

This war could be ended now. I have no patience for it. I find anyone who underestimates the Russians to be as ill advised as those who support Ukraine joining NATO which is not happening.

2023-07-23 14:57:17

We do to much for everyone else in this town and country,think of our own first.we arebecoming a f!@#£%ng joke.

2023-07-23 15:40:37

I should think that whoever vandalised the flower pots,cctv etc was nit the same people who have painted over the road signs and also to Raul Constanza i am gkad u agree that Robert Foster should be honoured,considering he is British.

Clark Renney
2023-07-23 15:51:58

To be honest, it doesn't surprise me. However, I condemn the act of vandalism. Fifth Avenue had long been named Allende Avenue in honour of an elected Chilean Socialist Leader overthrown and murdered (it is alleged), by actions of insurgents supported by the American CIA. Renaming it after Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a calculated act by the Tory Council not to honour the latter, but to erase the former. I agree Zelenskyy and the courage of the Ukrainian People is worthy of recognition, but Harlow has many avenues and roundabouts which could have been used to honour them...

2023-07-23 18:06:28

Good, make love not war

Ferlipe Ferlop
2023-07-23 18:07:47

I'm not a fan of the virtue signalling of this sign but the vandalism rather sums up Harlow.

Max verstappen
2023-07-23 18:21:21

Why do people need to right a essay, a couple of lines to get your point over , because half of the comments are so fcuk in boring!!!

2023-07-23 19:08:10

Look after our country stop wasting our money!!!

Bruce Downey
2023-07-23 19:43:57

Ref: Max, Long, repetitive and boring comments generally are by N. Taylor, Kimbo and Nosta-Eddie.🙄

Tracy George
2023-07-23 21:57:28

Idiot Harlow people - I don't suppose for a second that having road signs or flags in folks gardens in Harlow would start WWIII...

Kim Oconnor
2023-07-24 09:11:43

Bruce Downey, better to read someone's views, than hear your very short sarcastic remarks......that you manage very well ,with out really saying anything..

Mark Lavender
2023-07-24 11:00:26

One person's Allende is another's Hammarskjöld or Mandela. Another time and another place - who else would or still could receive similar treatment? Culture wars alive and well in little ol' Harlow.

2023-07-24 15:42:55

Also, Lamp Post number 7120 reported last monday is A: still flytipped or B: has been flytipped again. (Black bin bags) Same vandals as those signs? Oh dear. Hi Bruce. FYI: Staple Tye Splash Park that you praised previously is still awaiting repairs. Oh dear. Thanks anyway. Local wife beater smashing window again at 2am Friday (the safety type with wire init) Glass all over floor/stairs and still there Mon. (Today) So proud.

2023-07-24 17:00:51

So many people have made the same comment to which I totally agree, stop wasting f*****g money!!!

2023-07-25 14:32:45

There are many pot holes in a road over here.... Perhaps this road should be called PUTINS WAY!

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