Baby monitors and smart speakers enabling abuse, say MPs

Crime / Mon 7th Aug 2023 at 09:14am

FITNESS trackers, home security systems and baby monitors are among the devices that MPs warn are enabling the growing issue of tech-enabled domestic abuse.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee says there are on average nine such “smart” products in UK homes.

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3 Comments for Baby monitors and smart speakers enabling abuse, say MPs:

2023-08-07 11:35:01

Brought to you by a government which abused and gaslighted the entire country from March 2020.

Graham Renfield
2023-08-09 21:07:01

Adam, it has nothing to do with the government. It's private companies not ensuring their products meet the safety standards for online use. Cheap programming, low cost boards and PCB's etc mean users often opt to either buy the cheapest functionality on Amazon/eBay and do absolutely ZERO reading of the manual, thus not changing default username and password for access - meaning someone can simply login with "admin" and "user" as the details. Lack of awareness, ignorance, stupidity etc. You name it, it's one of them. Absolutely nothing to do with any government.

Graham Renfield
2023-08-09 21:13:39

To add on to that. I read through the BBC article and it's ALL nonsensical gibberish. Not a single valid concern. By the same logic, they should ban cars because their is a POSSIBILITY that someone could run someone over intentionally. Or ban kitchen knives, because instead of using it to cut a chicken breast, they COULD stab someone with it. Insanity paired with ignorance. Not ONE product out of the "9" they indicated, and yet - they did not identify ONE that people could be aware.

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