Harlow Labour leader “shocked” at arson attack on mosque

Crime / Wed 9th Aug 2023 at 12:48pm

THE LEADER OF Harlow Labour has added his concerns after an arson attack at a mosque in Harlow.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “I am very shocked and upset to hear about the attack and arson on the Mosque near Northbrooks last night.

Like others I would like to send out my sympathies to those effected by the attack and thank the emergency services for attending the incident so quickly.

“I would urge anyone with any information about the incident to get in touch with the police.’

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18 Comments for Harlow Labour leader “shocked” at arson attack on mosque:

2023-08-09 17:04:59

If it was the synagogue, this would have been the talk of the town with 100s comments by now

Graham Renfield
2023-08-09 21:15:58

Jim, as if to imply what?

2023-08-10 04:24:21

This town is full of Islamophobes that’s what I’m implying. No one cares unless its antisemitic

2023-08-10 08:26:15

Interesting the use of the Greek suffix 'phobe' or 'phobia', which both clinically and etymologically denote fear rather than hatred. Fear per se should not be the subject of condemnation. Perhaps it would clearer if the correct Greek for 'hatred' - ' misos or, in this case, misia, thereby changing incorrect uses such a homophobic or Islamophobic to homomisic or islamomisic. This would prevailing confusion and misuse, unless of course it is fear rather than hatred one is attempting to convey. It is too bad that classics are no longer taught in most schools.

Whats Wrong with Harlow?
2023-08-10 08:56:01

Harlow, the shame of the UK again... and again!

2023-08-10 17:59:42

Margaret, you seem to be missing Jim's point completely. Well done.

Graham Renfield
2023-08-10 21:13:18

Well, Margaret - I think you're looking WAY to deep into it. As a Muslim for 20 years, I can say that the main reason why there is a "phobia" as you term it, is due to a lack of understanding, high amounts of ignorance and a HUGE impact from the media agencies portraying all Muslims as terrorists by nature. Of course some say it's the whole "No True Scotsman" argument, when in reality - it's not. It's that whenever someone "non-white" does something, the whole world points and says "SEE!" - but funnily enough, I am WHITE, I am BRITISH born and I am English speaking - and I am a Muslim and 90% of the time the first thing people say to me is "You're Muslim? But you're white?" and so on. It's the pre-determined notion that all Muslims MUST be Arab and have huge beards, have 9 wives and so on. We're all stereotyped and when we don't fit that stereotype, we are cast aside.

2023-08-11 04:48:38

Jamie and Graham, with all due respect, I am making no comment whatsoever regarding the validity or merits of any religion. My sole focus is on the linguistic and etymological aspects, which I consider to be most important. I graduated in Classics and speak five languages, so I do have a certain pedigree on this issue.

Graham Renfield
2023-08-11 08:10:56

Margaret if you think the etymology matters whatsoever in a case involving arson - with all due respect, I think you're wasting your time.

Graham Renfield
2023-08-11 08:12:36

Also - Margaret, congratulations on speaking 5 languages - and clearly not being able to read in any of them. I also speak 4 languages, understand 5 and have a very large experience with foreign communications, so please stop with the superiority complex.

2023-08-11 09:20:43

Margaret, I only speak English. You win. Prize is in the post.

2023-08-11 13:56:53

Graham and Jamie, 'phobia' means fear. It does not mean hatred. End of discussion. You are both rather tiresome.

Graham renfield
2023-08-11 14:32:17

Didn't say anything about it being anything to do with hate. But you keep up with the strawmanning, fool.

2023-08-11 17:00:52

Graham Renfield, please go back. Admittedly, you did not mention hatred, but this thread began with Jim's somewhat wild assertion that Harlow was replete with Islamophobes, clearly inferring that many were hostile to followers of the Mohammedan faith. He stated this without providing any evidence for such a scurrilous accusation. It was at this point that I raised the linguistic error re fear versus hatred.

Graham renfied
2023-08-12 19:28:18

And you went on about where words come from and what they mean. And with all due respect, I don't need you speaking on behalf of myself or other Muslims. Please, stop arguing with what the etymology of words are and focus on the fact that us Muslims are regularly targeted for hate. Whether its from the public or the media, its a rife issue. And focusing on words and their origin only serves to obfuscate the issue.

Graham Renfield
2023-08-12 21:55:57

Also - tell me Margaret. What's a better word for someone who is anti-muslim? Would you consider a different term since, for you words are more important that acts of violence and hate. Please, clarify your position since you're upset about words as opposed to actions.

2023-08-12 23:49:18

'Phobia' is a Greek suffix meaning fear. As I mentioned earlier, the Greek suffix denoting a hatred would be 'misos' or 'misia'. Therefore, a more precise term to describe a hatred of Islam and presumably, its followers would be Islamomisic. It seems we have come full circle on this. Do you not see that by using 'fear' (even irrational) as a motivating factor could be argued to constitute a mitigation. However, if driven by hatred then this becomes a heinous crime, which it almost certainly is. Words do have meanings and should be used with precision to avoid confusion.

Graham renfield
2023-08-13 22:21:27

I think everyone is clear on what is meant by "islamaphobia" and all the other kinds of negative ones out there. Nitpicking publicly on a forum to satisfy your own need to sound intellectual is just low and pathetic. Call it whatever you want, fear leads to hate and hate leads to violence. Don't like it? Tough. Us Muslims have for many years put up with negative press in a wide range of aspects of our lives, and sometimes attacked - see above article - and in my case disowned by my family who were primarily Christian because I converted. Do not tell me that the importance of a word, when language changes is important all the while hate stays the same.

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