Harlow composer’s musical a hit at Edinburgh Festival

Entertainment / Sat 12th Aug 2023 at 07:32am

Alan Turing: A Musical Biography

***** Stars

WITH well over three thousand performances on at the Edinburgh Fringe it is quite a feat for a show like Alan Turing being performed at before midday to sell out.

It may well be simply because it is was such a good show.

It was so good infact that members of Friday mornings audience stayed behind to speak to writer and director Joel Goodman and thank him.

One woman, close to tears, told Joel how much his show meant to her.

We think the Alan Turing story means different things to different people and what people simply want is to honour, cherish and celebrate his legacy.

This production did this and more. In many ways, it could be enjoyed on so many levels. 

You could enjoy the outstanding acting. You could appreciate the quality of the musical numbers. You could applaud the script that was so well balanced and painted such an accurate picture. You could even go for a maths lesson!

But put together, it painted such an evocative picture of apples, numbers, pine cones and more numbers.

You felt you understood the man and all that he achieved. At its heart was the massive work that he achieved.

Composed by Joel Goodman and Jan Osborne, with a script by Joan Greening, this was a major achievement to celebrate all of Turing’s life and legacy in this way.

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