Teenager given behaviour order after brandishing hunting knife in Harlow Town Railway Station

Crime / Fri 18th Aug 2023 at 09:19am

A TEENAGER has been handed a youth rehabilitation order after brandishing a hunting knife at Harlow Railway Station.

The sixteen-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had the order imposed for the following.

On June 16th, 2023, at Harlow Town Railway Station, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, had with you in a public place, the railway station car park, an offensive weapon, namely a hunting knife.

The teenager committed the offence whilst subject to a conditional discharge for a period of six months on May 12th for an offence of handling stolen goods.

He had also been convicted of being in possession of a machete in Tottenham on January 27th, 2023.

Conditions of Youth Rehabilitation Order

Youth rehabilitation order with intensive supervision and surveillance made.

The defendant must comply with the following requirements.

Activity requirement: Participate in extended activity requirement for 91 days.

Curfew Requirement with Electronic Monitoring:

Be under a curfew for three months with electronic monitoring.

Start date 04/08/2023. Start time 19:00.

End date 03/11/2023. End time 07:00.

Curfew details: Daily to be monitored at his home address

Not to enter London (M25). This exclusion with electronic monitoring lasts for three months.

Start date 04/08/2023. Start time 11:00.

End date 03/11/2023. End time 00:00

Supervision requirement: Attend appointments with the responsible officer or another person at such times and places as the officer says. 18 months

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12 Comments for Teenager given behaviour order after brandishing hunting knife in Harlow Town Railway Station:

Ian G
2023-08-18 10:19:52

Just a matter of time before he uses it and really hurts someone.

Hugh jarse
2023-08-18 11:47:08

I’m sure he’s learned the error of his ways

2023-08-18 12:54:26

I thought carrying a knife was a jailable offense, let alone brandishing it. He had a machete before so are the magistrates going to wait until he has a gun before jailing him.

2023-08-18 13:01:05

Same old same old. No wonder so many people carrying knives. Nothing will be learnt.

2023-08-18 13:37:56

With previous for having the same type of thing. This needed a significant custodial sentence 12 months at least and not in some kind of holiday camp

Guy Flegman
2023-08-18 13:41:55

With a judicial system like this it’s no wonder why we have so many societal problems

2023-08-18 20:50:11

Pathetic result, he obviously had intent using it otherwise why carry it, ridiculous.

Luke Burton
2023-08-18 21:32:46

No rehabilitation for somebody like this.

2023-08-20 01:36:28

All too often our police service are let down by the courts, this is yet another example of why many young people have nothing to fear from our justice system. Sentences like this are no deterrent and this scroat will go on to offend again.

2023-08-20 15:39:23

So what happened to the politicians promise that anyone carry a knife would be sentenced to 5 years in prison? All hot air as usual.

Stuart Maskell
2023-08-22 07:42:38

Holding a knife should be the same sentence as a gun its a weapon carried to harm 5 yrs minimum this is why the kids are like this they get away with everything

2023-08-22 12:40:40

Can't be named to protect identity, he was waving a knife, it's the public who need protecting, there were families at the carvery that see what happened, tell the bloody truth, who was he and where did he come from

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