GCSE Results: BMAT STEM’s Scarlett comes out of hospital to achieve great results

General / Sat 26th Aug 2023 at 11:29am

AN operation which left Scarlett Bowers in double leg casts did not prevent her from achieving top GCSE grades.

Today, she collected one Grade 7, six Grade 6, one Grade 5 and one Grade 4 from BMAT STEM Academy, in Harlow.

Just weeks into her final year of secondary school, Scarlett had to spend three weeks in hospital having an operation to extend her Achillies tendons which had shortened.

She returned to school, with both legs in casts for six weeks and then both legs in boots for six weeks.

Proud mother Tara, from Harlow, today praised the school for supporting her to keep on top of her studies.

She said: “The school has been brilliant and has supported her through it. She was able to stay on track with her studies as the school made sure she had work to do, as and when she felt up to it while she was in hospital.

“When she returned to school, all of her lessons were moved to the ground floor of the building and she was allowed to go into class first to ensure she was not knocked.

“The school was brilliant. They were always checking to make sure she was okay at the end of every lesson. If I had any concerns, I could email and the head would reply instantly to let me know how things were going. They also allowed me to drop her off and pick her up right at the door from the car.

“If she had stayed at her previous school, she would not have coped and would have failed them all. BMAT STEM has been amazing. You are not just a number there; they know you personally. It is lovely.”

Scarlett is staying on at BMAT STEM Academy Sixth Form to study 3D design, statistics, English literature and either maths or biology.

She said: “Everything is good now with my legs.

“I am happy with my results. I did not think I would do as well as I have done.

“The school has been really supportive in getting me here.”

Students join the business-focussed school in Year 10 to study STEM subjects and build links with industry partners.

To apply for a place at BMAT STEM Academy Sixth Form or ask questions about the provision, contact head of school Dave Ramsey on [email protected]

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