The Knife Angel arrives in Harlow as part of National Youth Anti-Violence Tour

Crime / Thu 31st Aug 2023 at 11:44am

HARLOW Council is pleased to announce the arrival of the National Youth Anti-Violence Tour & Programme, featuring the renowned Knife Angel sculpture, to the heart of our town.

This powerful initiative, organised in collaboration with the Tommy Jones Project, aims to raise awareness about the devastating impact of knife crime and foster a united front against violence within our community.

From 1 September until 30 September 2023, Harlow’s iconic Playhouse Square will serve as the temporary home for The Knife Angel, offering residents and visitors a unique opportunity to engage with this symbol of peace and hope. To mark the beginning of this significant event, an opening ceremony will be held on 1 September from 6pm, with a memorable closing ceremony scheduled for 30 September from 6pm.

The Knife Angel is a 27-foot tall sculpture crafted entirely from confiscated knives, and stands as a poignant reminder of the lives lost and the damage caused by knife crime. As it graces Playhouse Square, this awe-inspiring artwork will serve as a catalyst for conversations, education, and positive change within our community.

Melanie Hopwood, Founder of the Tommy Jones Project, expressed her enthusiasm, saying:

“We are thrilled to bring The Knife Angel to Harlow, empowering our youth and raising awareness about the consequences of violence.

“As someone who has lost their son to the tragedy of knife crime, I am passionate and committed to spreading the message that The Knife Angel stands for – that violence is never the answer.

“Through this initiative, we strive to foster a community that rejects violence and embraces compassion and understanding.”

Cllr Stacy Seales, cabinet portfolio holder for community, echoed the sentiment, stating:

“Harlow Council is honoured to host The Knife Angel, an extraordinary symbol that highlights the devastating consequences of violence. Two of our priorities are to restore pride in Harlow and improve council services by ensuring the safety of our community. By bringing The Knife Angel to Playhouse Square, we are taking a significant step towards raising awareness about the impact of serious violence.

“We are working closely with Essex Police and other stakeholders to tackle the root causes of violence and create a secure environment for everyone in Harlow. Through events like The Knife Angel exhibition and the accompanying programs, we are fostering open conversations and engaging our residents in finding proactive solutions.

“Together with our community, we will build a stronger Harlow that rejects violence and embraces unity. We invite all residents and visitors to join us in this endeavour by visiting The Knife Angel and participating in the events and educational initiatives that will run alongside it.”

In addition to the exhibition, a comprehensive programme of events and educational initiatives will run alongside The Knife Angel. These activities will provide opportunities for residents of all ages to learn about the impacts of violence, explore proactive solutions, and engage in meaningful dialogue. To find out more about the schedule and how to get involved, please visit www.harlow.gov.uk/knife-angel.

Stay up to date with the latest updates and announcements about The Knife Angel and related events by following @HarlowCouncil and @HarlowPlayhouse on social media.

Join them as we come together to address the urgent issue of violence within our community. Let us make a resounding statement that Harlow stands united against violence and committed to nurturing a safe and harmonious environment for all.

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7 Comments for The Knife Angel arrives in Harlow as part of National Youth Anti-Violence Tour:

Not my King
2023-08-31 14:05:43

Re: 'Harlow stands united against violence and committed to nurturing a safe and harmonious environment for all.' Unless a Council Tort Notice is issued by hand by staff and placed at location of with copies also posted out to inform residents of date of removal and then it just gets ignored and continues on for 24 months or more. Thanks anyway. Good luck everyone.

Guy Flegman
2023-08-31 17:15:25

If the authorities are really focused on our safety, then why are things getting worse. Does this not suggest that the authorities do not really know what they are doing, or that the bar is set very low.

Jennifer Steadman
2023-08-31 20:28:00

I would like to publicly thank Melanie Hopwood, founder of the Tommy Jones Project for all of her work work, sheer determination & courage in working so hard to bring the Knife Angel to Harlow for the benefit of us all. Melanie, you deserve a citizens award or better still a blinking medal for the amount of hard work, effort & sheer guts that you have put into this project!! I for one am truly proud of you!! Bless you Mel.

2023-08-31 21:17:50

The only way this town will unite is to be rid of those that do commit knife crimes is by clearing out the clutter from this town. Everyone knows most knife crimes is drug related. Need to sort out people hanging about in town centre and everywhere else in harlow, like parks etc. Stop people drinking alcohol to. Thought there was a ban on knives and alcohol. Well just prooves police etc are certainly not doing their jobs properly. Even though crime rate is worse in this town, seems police are to scared these days or to much paper work for them. Plus the police station is shut at 5pm now in town centre I believe. As for the knife angel, you honestly think its going to stop knife crime in this town? Stop being chickens and get job done properly, that's what your payed to do and might add by tax payers money to keep this town save.

George Cummings ex Navy
2023-09-01 18:09:09

Cathy is spot on. Need to restore discipline. Get kids into the Scouts and Army, Navy, Air Cadets units, which are excellent for young people; build character and respect. Also plenty of sports to burn latent energy as we used to do when this town started. No slacking. Ending corporal punishment was ruinous. We got a good clip around the ear from the local Bobby and then one from our fathers or a slipper/caning at school. Never did any harm, what! Maybe being back some form of National Service. None of this moly coddling nonsense. Give the druggies a good horse whipping. They will soon see the error of their ways and make prison hard labour so they pay for their keep. Not so complicated is it?

Nogin the nog
2023-09-01 19:33:44

Well said George there needs to be a deterrent

Mr Grumpy
2023-09-02 16:20:14

Greater punishment is needed. Ignore the human rights brigade as they clearly favour the criminal element over the victims. If caught with a knife, get a mandatory 20 year sentence, the first 5 of which is spent in solitary. Stop pussy-footing around with these feral creatures.

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