Water Lane Primary added to list of schools not opening due to safety concerns

Education / Sat 2nd Sep 2023 at 11:37am

WATER LANE Primary Academy has been added to the list of schools not opening due to concerns over safety.

The Director of Improvement at the Reach2 Academy Trust Gill Ellyard has written to all of the parents and carers to inform them that they are deferring the start of term to Monday September 11th.

Ms Ellyard explains that a Department of Education (DFE) survey identified that RACC panels were used in the construction of Water Lane Primary Academy’s building.

Ms Ellyard states: “I am writing to inform you that the DfE have taken the decision to partially close the school.

“This means we have to immediately vacate the back hall and two classroom areas which will directly affect our Reception and Year 1 children”.

Water Lane is situated in the Sumners area of the town. Like Katherines Primary it was built in the late seventies.

YH has contacted Water Lane Primary for a comment but they have yet to reply.

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2 Comments for Water Lane Primary added to list of schools not opening due to safety concerns:

2023-09-02 12:01:26

Sadly, there will be many more. Apparently Essex is one of the worst hit counties. It’s scandalous that this has happened at all, more so when it’s just a few days before the kids were due to return to school. Especially when you consider that the Government were aware of this in 2018, and did NOTHING 😡

2023-09-02 16:57:46

So Mr Halfon(apparently one of our education ministers)is more concerned about Royal Mail deliveries than sorting out our schools not being open! Well done you sir👏👏PATHETIC

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