Tesco staff to be offered body cameras amid rise in violent attacks

Business / Mon 4th Sep 2023 at 07:51am

STAFF at Tesco stores are to be offered body cameras amid a rise in violent attacks, the supermarket’s chief executive has said reports the BBC.

The company has seen physical assaults increase by a third since last year.

It mirrors findings by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) published earlier this year, which found abuse against retail staff had almost doubled compared to pre-Covid levels.


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6 Comments for Tesco staff to be offered body cameras amid rise in violent attacks:

2023-09-04 10:36:12

This country is a mess,what the hell is going on with ppl, how you can abuse someone come on especially that this person is at work,but most of this rude ppl dont work so they dont get how it is!!!! They shod be banned from all public places including hospitals and go

2023-09-04 11:17:04

Where has it all gone so wrong. This is shocking,staff working in a supermarket are to be offered body cameras,i thought i had heard it all. What is wrong with people nowadays? Is it social media lol?

2023-09-04 11:34:39

social media is responsible for some of it, so much rumour is spread on social media that sometimes you cant tell whether its true or not and no i dont use social media at all

Adam Taylor
2023-09-04 11:46:29

Shocking I noticed the ladies at CL petrol station wearing them. The country is declining rapidly

Sally kemp
2023-09-04 15:21:10

They should get paid more for having to deal with dangerous situations. Also, this country allow people in here who haven’t been vetted and there are nutters and criminals walking about freely. We should be more like Australia.

Bruce Downey
2023-09-05 09:59:34

I think 🤔 mainly be used for shoplifters 📸 before they leg it..

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