Harlow Council give refresh to Bush Fair Shopping Centre

Business / Tue 5th Sep 2023 at 05:24am

HARLOW Council has recently completed works to spruce up Bush Fair shopping centre.

The works have been funded by the council’s Estate Renewal Fund, which goes towards projects aimed at restoring pride in the town’s estates and neighbourhoods.

Within the shopping centre, the railings and steps have been repainted and the tiled walls have been cleaned. HTS and Whitbreads have also repaired broken slabs on the steps. New benches, bins and bollards have now been installed and the plant beds will also be replanted in the autumn. The underpass, which goes under Southern Way, has also been given much needed attention with a repaint, the potholes filled and new lighting.

Councillor Dan Swords, Leader of Harlow Council, said:

“We said we would restore pride in Harlow, and we continue to deliver improvements around the town. Bush Fair is looking much better following all the work there and much more welcoming. 

“These small improvements are making a positive difference, but our work doesn’t stop there. I look forward to sharing more about our Estate Renewal fund programme as projects are completed around the town.”

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9 Comments for Harlow Council give refresh to Bush Fair Shopping Centre:

Kim Oconnor
2023-09-05 08:22:46

Dan swords are you aware that theses small underpass s flood, in bad weather...any improvement to stopping this, as people have to cross busy road.... and the one by pub ,in church Langley, think that one belongs to different council. 😂 The joys of having all theses councils a... who ya gonna call. 😂 which one ya gonna call.. 😂

Kim Oconnor
2023-09-05 08:34:16

What's with the red legs, asking for a frend.. 😂 😂

Bruce Downey
2023-09-05 09:46:01

Very nice..Next on the agenda, Prentice place. It’s a jungle out there..🥵

2023-09-05 11:05:30

Kim, the red legs is Councillor Swords severe nappy rash!! ................ Oh sorry you mean on the benches.

gary roberts
2023-09-05 15:18:23

Mr. Downey, Prentice Place will not change until Osler House is refurbished and opened for services that are needed in my community. Sadly, that will not happen under this council. They blew it back in February 2022. Add the former council neighbourhood office into the mix and you get warm words and BS from both this leader and the previous one.

2023-09-05 16:07:10

I could of done with a similar refresh..of my entire life after Sam B absolutely smashed my chops to dust on Jean's for Genes day 2001.

2023-09-05 20:38:42

The biggest issue in Bush Fair is flooding between the Co op and Mr Saver when it rains.lt is always flooding as the Council well knows. Funny that the top French drain was cleaned out which never floods. I asked the Contractors if they were going to do the main drain that floods and it was not in their contract and some other firm were to do it.l cam across a HTS employee who said it was down to Essex County Council. They were well aware of it and sometime ago the drain was filled with tarmac! Can someone sort the problem once and for all as it does make it difficult to get to the shops if you haven't got your wellies. I applaud the Council for brightening up the Underpass .Long overdue! Question is how long will it stay this way. I do think the bright shiny bollards were a bit over the top. Overall good publicity for the Council Nice window dressing but tackle the real issues!

Kim Oconnor
2023-09-06 10:22:56

Phil, 😂 😂

Mark Gough
2023-09-07 00:23:08

Essex County Council Highways division would make Fawlty Towers look well run! Frankly the County Council let's down Harlow Residents year in, year out, decade in, decade out. Until someone grows a backbone at Harlow Council, and with holds the Council Tax we collect on their behalf, and makes them deliver for this town, it'll be the same failures over and over! Mark Gough - Reform UK

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