Family pay tribute to “beloved Max” who was killed in fatal assault on Joyners Field

Crime / Thu 7th Sep 2023 at 02:05pm

THE family of a man killed in Harlow two weeks ago say he was “the life and soul of us all”.

Max Richardson, who was 35 and from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, was fatally assaulted in Joyners Field at around 11pm on Monday 21 August.

In a statement his family said: “Our beloved Max. Son, Fiancé, Father, Brother, Friend. Taken too soon from us all.

“Max, the life and soul of us all.

“Always will be in the hearts of his family and his children who miss him dearly.

“Words cannot describe the pain we are all feeling right now.

“He will be solely remembered for the person that he was. Funny, caring and always there for his young children.

“Rest in peace now our beloved Max, always and forever in our thoughts and hearts.”

Tieran Carmody, 18, of Berecroft, Harlow has been charged with his murder.

He is next due to appear at Chelmsford Crown Court on Tuesday 24 October.

Two other people arrested in connection with our investigation – a 57-year-old man and an 18-year-old man – have both been released on bail until 1 November while enquiries continue.

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14 Comments for Family pay tribute to “beloved Max” who was killed in fatal assault on Joyners Field:

2023-09-07 14:49:22

Was it racially motivated?

2023-09-07 15:22:28

i send my thoughts to his family and friends, such a tragedy xxxx

2023-09-07 17:14:32

Those that knew max know just how loved and special he really was. A massive hole in our hearts has been left and his memories will stay with us all

Mark Gough
2023-09-07 18:25:21

Until we get Ben's Law on the statute book so carrying a knife is a five year prison sentence we'll not stop this. Make it 10 years for carrying a gun whilst we're at it. RIP Max - a victim of our weak justice system. Mark Gough - Reform UK

2023-09-07 19:33:38

R.I.P my condolences to family Cant believe that 18 years old can be so evil and committed such a crime

2023-09-08 06:17:48

Agree with you Jamie vast majority knifes crime is within black teenagers

Iain Lindsay
2023-09-08 07:29:50

The solution to this problem is very simple but YH won't allow any rational discussion on the matter as they find it too troubling and likely to trigger their sensitive disposition.

Tracy George
2023-09-08 08:41:50

When will these kids ever learn? Not only has he taken away a life he has lost all hope in his own for a future. Stupid stupid and all so unnecessary. Condolences to the family.

2023-09-08 09:05:06

They do like to empty chair you here if you ain't a lefty. Not worthy of any real comments. Condolences to his poor family. RIP young man .

2023-09-08 09:31:32

Jamie, whatever your issue is, writing it when a family has expressed their sorrow at the death of their son isn't the time.

2023-09-08 10:58:24

Very sad condolences to family. I agree with one of the comments that carrying a knife gets a 5 year sentence. This young man would still be alive if the youth wasn't carrying a knife 😪

2023-09-08 10:59:20

Very sad condolences to family. This young man would still be alive if the youth wasn't carrying a knife 😪

Mr. David
2023-09-08 16:45:23

Harlow seems to be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons, whatever the argument to take a life is just the worst, rip to this young man, dad son and husband, all these lives shattered and for what, the police will do their part but no deterrent when it gets to court, rip young man.

2023-09-09 12:53:23

Most importantly, the family of Max have lost their son, brother and grandson and whatever else. My thoughts are with you, may Max rest in peace. For the comments made by Jamie and Max. Jamie asked a question, not that it has any significance to the fact that the victim Max - was taken away through a senseless act of violence, the attention and focus is that of Max being denied his life and what this now means for his family who love him. RIP and condolences are appropriate. Max, your comment is absolutely unfair and incorrect, lowered the tone of what is a time of sadness and grief. Such a comment suggests limited intelligence and what a racist simpleton you are. Go have a chat to the people in the town near the knife angel, could be of help to you. RIP Max and love to his family

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