Full list of road closures as Tour of Britain set to arrive in Harlow

News / Thu 7th Sep 2023 at 01:05pm

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ON Friday 8 September the Tour of Britain race will start in Southend-on-Sea and arrive in Harlow at around 3.15pm via Water Lane. The race will finish at around 3.30pm along Third Avenue.

The Tour of Britain will become the biggest sporting event to ever take place in Harlow and will feature some of the world’s top riders.

On the day, there will need to be temporary road closures in operation along the route.

Most of these closures will be rolling road closures. This means as soon as the bikes in the race have passed, the roads will reopen.

There will be 2 roads as part of the finish route closed for long periods – part of Abercrombie Way and part of Third Avenue, but these will not close access to any residential areas.

The entrances to Northbrooks and Three Horseshoes Road from Third Avenue will also be closed with diversions and local access only signage in place. This will allow access for residents in those areas and to stop vehicles using residential areas as cut throughs.

All closures are likely to delay your journey or affect the route that you would normally make. Instead of driving, residents are asked to consider cycling or walking if this is possible.

Full list of road closures

The Tour of Britain road closures are (times for the rolling road closures are approximate and subject to change):

  • Abercrombie Way (between Third Avenue and Pyenest Road) will be closed from 5am to 7pm
  • A1025 Third Avenue (between Haydens Road and Katherines Way roundabout) will be closed from 5am to 7pm
  • B1133 Water Lane will have a rolling road closure starting around 3.15pm
  • Katherine’s Way will have a rolling road closure starting around 3.15pm

Information on Arriva bus services on Friday can be found athttps://www.arrivabus.co.uk/latest-news/harlow-%E2%80%93-tour-of-britain-cycle-race-8th-sept-2023

For more information on the event visit https://www.harlow.gov.uk/tour-britain

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18 Comments for Full list of road closures as Tour of Britain set to arrive in Harlow:

Bruce Downey
2023-09-07 15:24:48

🇬🇧 record for September has been broken.. at least 30c for four days in a row.. another glorious day Friday.. so if you can cheer ‘em on.🏁🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️

Just saying
2023-09-08 05:34:57

Not sure "the biggest sporting event ever to take place in Harlow " is factually correct? Based on what? It's subjective at best. Harlow Town v Leicester City FA Cup or perhaps SuperStars. Super Stars being when the town had proper sporting facilities including a velodrome.

2023-09-08 06:05:21

What a nuisance!

2023-09-08 08:31:20

Don't forget that the council have spent around £120000 on this, what a total waste of money.

Ian McNaught
2023-09-08 08:49:05

I agree with you "Just saying" . I wonder what happened to the money and the promises regarding a new Velodrome.

adam trotts
2023-09-08 09:26:04

i second just saying , harlow fc fa cups giant killings and superstars were biggest events , velodrome was sold off by Essex tory council i believe as were post offices and police station in old harlow water gardens the square to name a few

2023-09-08 09:29:21

What a waste. Who got the lolly?

Harlow Cyclist
2023-09-08 09:53:58

Velodrome was actually owned by Harlow Cycling Club. Nothing to do with "Essex tory council" I understand several of the clubs executives benefited quite nicely from the sale, and left the area pronto!

Harlow Cyclist
2023-09-08 10:01:35


2023-09-08 11:15:39

Harlow Cyclist that is an interesting read, it would be nice to find out what happened to the money and why he was told not to talk about it.

Hannah Williamson
2023-09-08 12:11:49

Can't understand why this has to be planned on the first week back at school bang on school finishing time?? 6 weeks the roads have been clear with no school run traffic. Harlow is going to be gridlocked this afternoon....but at least the council were out yesterday filling in the potholes for them!! 🙄

2023-09-08 12:31:50

.....and the notification you given was 1) 1 poxy little A4 wing on a lamppost in water lane that you have to stand in the road to read 2) if you happen to stumble a cross it on the internet All in the first week of term. School run this morning was carnage and pick up will be even worse. My wife works at a doctors surgery and 90% of appointments were cancelled and phone calls had to be arranged. Why do these cyclists, who bring zero to Harlow have the pot holes filled in for them, when we've been driving around them in excess of a year. Very poor councils......do better !

2023-09-08 13:08:13

Look out for my posters on TV. Saying Churchill is scared of a cup of tea.

Colin Graham
2023-09-08 13:21:05

I would like to thank the uncaring drivers who ignored all the road closed signs in the three horseshoes road and used it like a race track, same on you all!! We had a day of he'll with all the traffic

2023-09-08 14:25:10

The tour of Britain doesn't appear on the sports page of the BBC website. Even on its dedicated cycling page it ranks 2nd to the Spanish event. Hardly prestigious.!

Aiden O
2023-09-08 15:51:10

Why did Harlow council have to pay for the event? If they did? Surely this is met by the sponsors of the event same as any other activities/events eg FACup is paid for by the FA NOT Brent council. How did this help the local businesses, the council, or the local community bring in any revenue? Did they stop off at the water gardens for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Did it pass any local businesses to promote them?

2023-09-08 20:38:23

I would like to know the final cost for the event to finish in Harlow, £120000 was the payment to the event organisers, how much did all of the road closures, crowed barriers, scaffold towers, security, first aid and any additional items cost? A freedom of information request may yield some very interesting information.

2023-09-09 07:32:58

Seemed to be more police than normal out on the roads. Would be nice if they could be around when real crime is taking place not a bike race.

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