Review: Blown away at the Redchurch Brewery

Entertainment / Mon 11th Sep 2023 at 09:47am

ON Friday night I took a chance and went to see two bands that I’d never heard of at Redchurch Brewery, arranged by Black Wax – or as you might know him, Adam Smith.

Both bands could have been headliners of the night but the power-chord-fuelled punk pop of Cyanide Pills was first up. Hailing from Leeds, they’d travelled a long way down the country to play to us and sure brought a lot of energy with them.

DJ Diddy Wah played a selection of 1950s and ‘60s blues, surf, rockabilly, R&B, gospel, garage, soul and rock ‘n’ roll in between and after the bands.

The real gems of the night for me were The Courettes – and I haven’t stopped listening to their stuff since I saw them. Featuring just a drummer and a guitarist, they may be small in size but their sound and stage presence blew me away.

Hailing from Denmark and Brazil, they are the most original band I’ve heard for a while – the best description I’ve seen is a mix between The Ronnettes and The Ramones. I can’t imagine anyone in the room had a bad word to say about them and I haven’t seen a queue at the merch stand like that before at a local gig, that I remember.

It’s weird, going to a gig in Harlow and not recognising many of the people there. It seemed like most of the crowd were from out of town – they knew what was going on. Just like The Square put Harlow on the map for many out of towners, its spirit lived on, this night in Redchurch Brewery. And if you ever think you’re not the right age to go to one of the gigs, in the same Square spirit, all are welcome.

I don’t know what “it” is but The Courettes have it, and who knows, like some people are lucky enough to say they saw David Bowie at The Playhouse for £2.50, one day we’ll be saying we saw The Courettes right here in Harlow, all because we took a chance on a gig. And because we’re lucky enough that Adam Smith carries on ensuring Harlow has great original live music to enjoy and Redchurch Brewery and Burnt Mill Snooker and Social Club give it a stage.

So get along to a gig. There’s nothing like live music. Upcoming Black Wax/Spirit of the Square gigs include:

30 September – Collapsed Lung ft El Wiggly’s Party Time Crap Babble and DJ Graham and the DIZKONATR Redchurch Brewery (will sell out)

21 October – Purple Hearts ft Green Onions Sound System Burnt Mill Snooker and Social Club 28 October – Spirit of the Square Harloween: Rifle, Abe, The Blagards Burnt Mill Snooker and Social Club

2 November – Tom Robinson (SOLD OUT) Burnt Mill Snooker and Social Club

24 November – Ginger Wildheart Burnt Mill Snooker and Social Club

15 December – Spirit of The Square Festive Gathering: Spiral Soul, Raided by Waves, A Dirty Soul

Burnt Mill Snooker and Social Club

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