Knife bin in place next to Knife Angel in town centre

Crime / Wed 13th Sep 2023 at 06:37am

A TEMPORARY knife bin has been fitted next to the Knife Angel sculpture in Harlow to encourage residents to safely dispose of knives.

The Knife Angel sculpture was created by artist Alfie Bradley entirely from knives confiscated across the UK. It is a powerful reminder of the devastating consequences of knife crime and the need for collective action to address this issue.

The temporary knife bin will be in Playhouse Square until 30 September, when the Knife Angel will move to Colchester.

It joins the knife bin outside the town’s police station in The High and the other 13 knife bins in towns and cities across our county where you can safely deposit knives and other bladed articles.

They are funded jointly by the Office of the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC), Essex Police and the Essex Violence and Vulnerability Unit (VVU)

LINK: www.essexvvu.co.uk

A police spokesperson said: “We also work with the Ben Kinsella Trust to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife.

We empty all our knife bins regularly and the contents are taken to a secure location to be destroyed. During the past year around 24,000 knives and other sharp objects and weapons, weighing a total of two tonnes, have been surrendered in our knife bins across Essex”.

Detective Inspector Clayton Ford, from our Serious Violence Unit, says:

“Our knife bins are available to the public 24/7 to deposit knives and other weapons safely and have proved very effective in collecting and removing thousands of knives each year from our streets, homes and communities so they can do no harm.

“Knife-enabled crime is falling across Essex but, of course, there is more to do to reduce the number of tragedies involving knife injuries.

“Our officers are focused on identifying offenders who use knives and will use their stop and search powers if they suspect someone is carrying one. 

LINK: https://www.essex.police.uk/police-forces/essex-police/areas/essex-police/campaigns/campaigns/2023/we-value-our-communities

“They also use knife arches and the Open Gate system to deter people from carrying knives in public.

“However, we can’t tackle this issue on our own because it requires behaviour to change.

“So, we work with partner agencies to try to find solutions. These include the Essex Violence and Vulnerability Unit, the Ben Kinsella Trust and other local organisations, such as education, health, local authorities and probation services.

“We need our young people to understand that carrying a knife is more likely to put themselves at risk of being hurt or hurting someone else than it is to protect them.

“We need communities to stand up and say that carrying a knife is wrong and we need people to stop carrying knives in the first place.”

Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, adds: “I really admire the work Essex Police and the Essex Violence and Vulnerability Unit do together with organisations such as the Ben Kinsella Trust.

“They all help make our streets safer. Reducing violence on our streets is one of our key priorities.

“A knife placed in one of these bins is another knife off our streets which might otherwise be used to cause someone serious harm or potentially worse. These bins are part of our commitment to reducing knife crime and have contributed to the recent 64% decrease in knife-enabled homicides in the 12 months to July this year.

“Not only do these bins allow dangerous weapons to be safely disposed of but their visible presence in the heart of our town centres also serves to raise awareness of the very real danger posed by those carrying knives.”

* These figures are based on Home Office Serious Violence crime types.

If you have information about someone who carries a knife or who has committed a crime, you can tell us by reporting it online at www.essex.police.uk/ro where you can also speak to a Live Chat operator. Alternatively, you can ring 101.

If it’s an emergency or a crime is in progress, ring 999.

You can also contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, online or on 0800 555 111.

If you’ve been a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour, and are feeling mentally impacted by it, contact Victim Support on 0808 1689 111.

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2023-09-14 09:30:49

These bins need to be there all the time if only to remind people not to use them as weapons. how many knife amersteys have we had now wot has changed we need to start educating from a young age them maybe this colcher can be slowed. I don't think it will ever stop because there will always be bullies and they think if they have a knife if makes them harder they don't realise they cowards 😞

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