Writer details Brighter Days in new book

Faith Matters / Sat 23rd Sep 2023 at 11:06am

WHEN Prince William and Kate Middleton (the current Prince and Princess of Wales), came to visit Patrick Regan’s successful youth charity, XLP, it should have been the highest point in his career. Pictures of Patrick with the Prince and Princess adorned every glossy magazine, his charity was on every major news channel and his phone was a non-stop buzz of congratulations.

But instead, burned out from constant anxiety, growing depression and the fear that it would all fall apart if he was less than perfect, Patrick experienced a breakdown that would push him to the very edge, mentally and physically. 

In Patrick’s new book Brighter Days: 12 Steps to Strengthening Your Wellbeing, endorsed by Terry Waite CBE and psychiatrist Dr Chi Chi Obuaya, he shares a powerful message for anyone struggling with mental illness: when you cannot see any hope at the end of the tunnel, look for pinpricks of light. This is more manageable, and ultimately more powerful, than trying to force your way through the darkness all at once.

From cultivating honesty about mental health issues, no matter how distressing, to practical exercises for improving everything from depression, shame and anger, to perfectionism, relationship issues and grief and loss, Brighter Days offers you a space where you can belong, without having to fit in, and where no thought, feeling or struggle is ‘too much’ to overcome, one step at a time.

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