RSPCA home takes in a staggering 140 animals in a month

Charity / Sun 24th Sep 2023 at 10:46am

RSPCA Danaher Animal Home has taken in a record number of animals in a single month.

The Essex-based animal home said August was a record-breaking month for all the wrong reasons,  as they took in 43 dogs, 41 cats, 16 rabbits, and 40 small furries.

The high number is believed to be a result of the current animal welfare and cost of living crisis – as more and more people give up their pets or abandon them and sadly more animals are removed as result of cruelty or neglect.


Centre staff are feeling overwhelmed by the numbers and on top of this are receiving four to five calls a day from pet owners wanting to give up their animals due to changes in circumstances.

It is an increased strain on the centre, which costs around £70,000 a month to run.

Among the new animals that have come into the centre is little Cola, who was just 12 weeks old when she was found as a stray on the A120 – she had almost no fur on her which was as a result of a severe skin allergy. Thankfully she is now on the road to recovery and is currently being looked after by a member of staff who is fostering the little Chihuahua. 

Craig Horsler, animal welfare supervisor at the Wethersfield centre, said: “It’s shocking to think we have taken in so many animals in just a month and shows how dire the situation is for animals at the moment.

“While we have had large numbers come in at the centre before – this is usually a result of them being as part of a court case – this is different though – these  animals have come in from the RSPCA inspectorate, or people giving them up, our contracts with other RSPCA charities, the dog warden and some are RSPCA animals who have been waiting in private boarding.

“It’s been an incredibly difficult month for us as we want to help all the animals we can – but we only have a certain number of spaces  and we are full – so we still have a waiting list of people asking us to take on their animals.

“Some people who call us are desperate and it does feel a lot is down to the cost of living crisis – such as people being evicted from their homes and not able to take their animals to rented accommodation.

“Every day we are trying to find a way to take more in. It is a very difficult and overwhelming time for us all here.”

How you can help

Craig added: “We do need the public’s help – if someone is thinking of taking on an animal please consider getting a rescue first. In some ways you are helping two animals, the one you give a forever home to – and you then free up space for us to take in another animal.

“Or if you can’t do that then people can sponsor an animal while they are in our care – more details are available on the animals on our website someone like sweet Charlie – who is one of our longest stays and has been in our care a staggering for over 250 days after he was found as a stray. If you can’t rehome Charlie you can still help towards his care while we do our best to find him the perfect home. 

“Or you could become a fosterer – we currently have 24 animals in foster care and it is thanks to these amazing people we can help such large numbers of animals.

“We know times are tough for everyone right now – but any little help you can give to the centre – will go directly into helping all the wonderful animals we are caring for – all who desperately deserve a second chance.”

To find out more about how you can help please visit the animal home website. 

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4 Comments for RSPCA home takes in a staggering 140 animals in a month:

Kim Oconnor
2023-09-24 12:17:40

It's just very sad.

2023-09-24 13:34:50

I adopted my cat from Danaher in Feb this year. I would definitely adopt again-probably from them, they were great!!

2023-09-24 16:27:15

I really feel that to many people arw using the cost of living crisis as a go to excuse for everything. There is plenty of help out there and no excuse on earth to let an animal suffer/ starve or abandon an animal. These sort of people obviously never cared much about the animal in the first place,also rescues need to be far tougher and so do the laws. The proof is there that a slap on the wrist or a5 year ban whatever is not working and animal abusers are laughing. Animals are suffering horrendous cruelty and we are letting animals down and that is heartbreaking. People will start taking the law into their own hands with animal abusers before long,and i hope they do. Time to get tough on animal abusers. We are in 2023 and still they get away with their cruelty to poor innocent animals. Humans who abuse any animal are pathetic weak cowards.

Tracy George
2023-09-26 07:02:13

Harlow rescue centres are full, esp cats. People in Harlow are particularly bad in not neutering their cats, they don't chip or vaccinate either. Cats are being injured in fights, cats having litters outside which are then eaten by other wildlife, poorly, sick kittens are being abandoned to rescues, the fitter ones are being sold for just a tenner on horrible places like gumtree without home checks which will keep the dog baiters in supply. It's appalling. Cat's protection are now offering neutering and chipping if times are hard for those on a lower wage, benefits and students for just £10. There's no excuse anymore to sort out your cats. Check to see which vets are participating in the scheme and do the right thing.

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