Police investigate allegation of assault on bus in Terminus Street in Harlow

Crime / Wed 27th Sep 2023 at 01:02pm

ESSEX Police are investigating an incident that took place on a bus in Harlow Town Centre last week.

A video, which has been shared on social media, appears to show an Arriva bus supervisor instructing a passenger to leave. He is also seen remonstrating with a man outside the bus.

Another person, YH understands to be the bus driver appears to suggest that the males are accusing her of being a racist.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We were called to a public order incident in Terminus Street, Harlow, at about 3.05pm on Thursday 21 September.

A caller reported an argument between three people on a bus where a member of the public also reported being assaulted.

“Officers are making enquiries and the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

A spokesperson for Arriva South said: “This video is a snapshot of an incident on a bus in which a supervisor intervened after a bus driver had been intimidated by some passengers on this and on previous occasions.

“No Arriva employee deserves to be threatened in any way during the course of their duties. Sadly, this is a situation that seems to becoming more and more prevalent.

“However, we acknowledge that the manner in which the situation was dealt with could have been handled far better and we are following our own internal policies starting with a formal investigation into the matter which will ensure that the appropriate action is taken.”

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2 Comments for Police investigate allegation of assault on bus in Terminus Street in Harlow:

2023-09-28 09:59:48

Its difficult I know but, wait for the bus, get on the bus, when you arrive at your stop get off. Saying hello and thankyou optional.

2023-10-01 12:15:20

this is disgusting behaviour making someone feel intimidated while doing a service for the public, I really hope the bus driver is ok... I would like to say I do not condone this sort of behaviour towards anyone ever, I have witnessed bus drivers being rude to passengers quite a few times, I use the buses a lot and have also been spoken to like rubbish by a couple of the bus drivers. I also find SOME discriminate against people who have a disability bus pass, they don't seem to like it for some reason, making people like myself feel uncomfortable. I think they need to be trained and taught about these cards and the sorts of people who have them, some with hidden disabilities, which is when they look at you funny and sometimes laugh when they see your card. the buses have cameras which will pick up the incident which has happened here, and also as it was around 3pm I'm sure there will be a few witnesses, so these little thugs can be held accountable for what they have done.

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