Hare Street Primary students grill Harlow MP Robert Halfon

Education / Sat 30th Sep 2023 at 11:20am

HARLOW MP Robert Halton is off to the Conservative Party conference this weekend.

But before he did so, he visited Hare Street Primary School, where he met Headteacher, Mr Coster and a number of there very able pupils, who wanted to find out more about the day to day life of an MP.

The pupils asked a series of fascinating questions.

Mr Halfon has visited the school many times and wanted to pay tribute to former head Tim Voss, who retired in July.

Many credit Mr Voss with getting the school an Outstanding grade from Ofsted. It is a school full of warmth, positivity and creativity.

Mr Halfon told YH that he loved coming to the school under Mr Voss’ leadership and can see that it is in good hands under new head, Mr Coster.

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7 Comments for Hare Street Primary students grill Harlow MP Robert Halfon:

2023-09-30 15:16:25

Did Mr Halfon take the opportunity to answer some questions about dangerous school roofs while he was there? Probably not, so I'll ask again. 1) Who in the Conservative led DFE awarded the modular construction of SFG to a company that was not a member of the modular building trades body? Did any member, friend or donor of the conservative party benefit financially from that contract? 2) Why did Mr Halfon, a Minister in the DfE, not publicly challenge Mr Sunak when the budget to keep up with school repairs was cut from £400 million to £50 million? 3) Why did Mr Halfon vote to keep a report into dangerous school buildings secret? Mr Halfon is good at photo opportunities, but he's very bad at answering residents' questions.

2023-09-30 18:04:01

Their not there!

2023-09-30 18:24:13

Good job Mark, you tell 'em! Joking aside, why would the conservative party care about children, they don't vote.

2023-09-30 20:28:54

The school is NOT an academy but controlled by the Local Authority - one of very few in this town!

2023-09-30 20:32:51

Perhaps our education minister and the DfE didn't have time to fix school roofs because they were too busy keeping tabs on the social media activity of educational experts. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2023/sep/30/revealed-uk-government-keeping-files-on-education-critics-social-media-activity Perhaps RH could explain how the Big Brother type activities of the DfE actually helps to improve education standards?

2023-09-30 20:54:43

Thanks Francis, I did wonder about that. I just presumed after Mr Voss left that the academy wave had washed over yet another school, good on Mr Coster. That said, I'm not sure Mr Voss would have opened the doors to someone so self-serving an insincere.

Luke Burton
2023-10-01 09:26:41

Thank goodness Hare Street hasn't been consumed by an academy trust. Please change the title of this article... Mr Voss leaving is a real shame - probably one of the few constants this town has had over the past two decades. Incredible how the school obtained an 'Outstanding' grade in the latest Ofsted inspection too, when so many schools have been downgraded to 'Good' since the inspection regime changed. Have a long and happy retirement, Mr Voss, and good luck Mr Coster - you have a truly special place with some of the most dedicated staff in your hands.

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