Football: Harlow Town blow chance to go top as they are outclassed by Dunmow Town

Football / Sat 7th Oct 2023 at 06:35pm

Thurlow Nunn League South

Harlow Town 1 v 3 Dunmow Town

FIRST things first. All praise to Dunmow Town. They were disciplined, fast, hungry and very well organised.

They had players up fan like Joshua Osude who could and did run all day and run at a pace that Harlow’s defenders simply could not lived with.

Osude and the rest of his teammates simply outclassed Harlow

Goals by Rgee Manyyewe (25) and two by Joshua Osdue (63 and 77) cemented Dunmow’s position at the top of the table.

Harlow scored a late penalty (Jack Cousins 90).

Harlow have slipped to fourth place.

We are not sure if anyone is to blame for Harlow’s performance. As we observed last week, they are a Step 6 side with a collection of mediocre players trying their best. Some are getting old, some can’t and didn’t last ninety minutes and some are just at their level.

The question many of the fans will have is whether the manager is getting the best out of his players.

They have failed to win their last three league games and you start to worry that this could be the start of a long old autumn and winter.

Having said all that, things could have been different if they had taken their chances in the first twenty minutes. Josh Brown had a great chance in the 9th minute but his header went over.

But from a whole host of players there is a real lack of conviction when they get the ball in the box.

There were brief moments of skill from some of the players but they were too few and far between and mainly unconvincing.

It was a real shame, because it was all set up and with over 500 fans there, there is a lot of goodwill there from the Harlow population.

Harlow have another very important game next Saturday when they face Benfleet at home.

Benfleet have only been defeated once this season and have four games in hand.

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4 Comments for Football: Harlow Town blow chance to go top as they are outclassed by Dunmow Town:

Mr Smith
2023-10-07 20:58:15

Maybe if you had picked some of these players before (as you say ) getting too old and can’t last 90 minutes many years ago HTFC would not be in this position!! Harlow has a population of over 90k people and the football talent if Selected is far and beyond step 6 so this goes back many years

I’ll do that Billy
2023-10-08 07:27:42

From my experience there is a big talent pool of local senior/semi pro footballers in Harlow’s local area. But as is the nature of the game they generally play at the highest level they can, for the most money. They wouldn’t pitch up at their home town club just for the sake of it.

Mr Smith
2023-10-08 15:34:08

Disagree with the above as this has been going on for many many years at Harlow and if they played local talent the gates would be bigger and then the wages would be better

Mr Evans
2023-10-10 22:07:47

I noticed many of the exciting more athletic players that the manager originally signed at the start of the season are no longer there or are not playing for some reason? It looks like they have gone for older experience, and this is back firing massively, as the players cannot cope with the physical demand, and maybe over the hill. To get out of step 6 you need more than experience, you need raw talent, aggression & desire

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