World Mental Health Day: Services for anyone struggling with their mental health

Health / Tue 10th Oct 2023 at 03:03pm

WORLD Mental Health Day (Tuesday 10 October) is about raising awareness of mental health and driving positive change for everyone’s mental health.

If you are struggling with your mental health, please tell someone.

Whatever you are going through, there is always help available.

We offer a number of services for adults aged 18 and over who are in crisis and need urgent help.

Call 111 for immediate and specialist support. 111 is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is a single point of contact for anyone in crisis or in need of support of behalf of someone else.  

You will be put through to trained staff, who will give you advice and support.

During 2022/23, we received more than 49,000 calls to our 111 service.

Our Mental Health Urgent Care Department at Basildon Hospital also provides urgent support for anyone over 18 in mid and south Essex, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Staff work with patients to understand what has triggered their mental health crisis and ensure they receive the right care in the right place, whether that’s at home or in hospital.

The department is led by our Trust and staffed by specialist doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals from EPUT, Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, and the East of England Ambulance Service. They also work with community services and charities.

The 111 service and Mental Health Urgent Care Department do not replace 999. If you or someone you know is in mental health crisis and requires serious or life threatening emergency mental or physical care, call 999 immediately.

If you are struggling but do not need help urgently, our Therapy for You (NHS Talking Therapies) service provides free talking therapies for adults aged 18 and over living in south east Essex and over 16 years living in north east Essex. 

The service provides psychological support for people experiencing depression and anxiety including post-traumatic stress disorder, panic and phobias.

You can access confidential therapy either online, in person, or by telephone or video call, as well as group therapy sessions. There are also free online courses you can complete at your own pace. Online course topics include post natal depression, stress and anxiety, bereavement, depression, panic attacks, living well with physical health problems, mindfulness, understanding self-esteem, and managing stress in parenthood.

Our services in north east Essex are delivered in partnership with mental health charity North Essex Mind.  Please visit www.therapyforyou.co.uk for more information.

You can self-refer via the website or contact the numbers below:

If you live in south east Essex (Hadleigh, Leigh-on-Sea, Rochford, Rayleigh, Benfleet, Southend, Shoeburyness, Westcliff and Canvey Island), call 01268 739128.

If you live in north east Essex (Colchester and Tendring), call 01206 334001.

Alex Green, our Executive Chief Operating Officer, said: “Talking about our emotional and mental health can be really hard for so many reasons.

“If you are struggling, please know you are not alone. There is always someone here to help you, day or night, every single day.

“They will listen and make sure you get the right support.”

The North East London NHS Foundation Trust’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service offers urgent support to anyone under the age of 18 who is in crisis.

You can call them on 0800 953 0222. Outside of working hours, please call 0800 995 1000.

The following organisations also provide help and support:

Call 116 123 for free, any time. For more information, visit the Samaritans website.

YoungMinds Mental Health
Visit the Young Minds website and Parents Helpline and webchat

Papyrus – Prevention of young suicide
For confidential advice, contact HOPELINE247 on 0800 068 41 41 or text 07860 039967.
Visit the Papyrus website.

Visit the Mind website for information and advice.

Mental Health Foundation
Visit the Mental Health Foundation website for information and advice.

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3 Comments for World Mental Health Day: Services for anyone struggling with their mental health:

2023-10-10 18:14:07

You actually need to provide a mental health service. The current 'service' isn't fit for purpose. Heaven help anyone trying to access support

2023-10-10 18:16:44

And it would actually help if this was for Harlow services.. not Basildon and every area apart from West essex

2023-10-10 22:51:01

The mental health system doesn’t have enough funding. The day services groups got stopped. Which was a fantastic service, you did art and crafts, wood work, pottery, groups about managing emotions, stress and anxiety, etc. The staff working in mental health have been cut and are struggling to cope with the amount of people that have mental health now a days. They are trying their hardest. Many of my friends went to the drs and explained they was not coping and needed help now. They got told be 6 week wait. Not many of my friends survived that long.. I tried to self refer to mind or what ever it’s called. I got to no . In time I had a break down. Could this been prevented . Government really need to put money into mental health. Not a lot of people talk about how they are struggling and one day it all comes out not in a good way Have the government not noticed the rise in people passing away from mental health. And now in schools it’s a homework thing to talk. The schools are half the problems putting to much on them for the statistics for the school. You forget something out your pencil case it’s straight detention. It’s a joke . I’m angry at how the whole system works .

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