Over the border: Stortford MP demands action over Green councillor’s social media activity on Israel

General / Wed 11th Oct 2023 at 02:45pm

JULIE Marson, MP for Hertford and Stortford, has written to Cllr Ben Crystall and Richard Cassidy, Leader and Chief Executive of East Herts District Council respectively, requesting them to take action after Martin Butcher, a Green Party councillor, who also serves as Chairman of EHDC, appeared to “promote and approve of Hamas” actions on two Twitter/X feeds”.

Over the weekend, Hamas, a proscribed terrorist group, fired thousands of rockets, killing over 700 people, including British citizens, and kidnapped people in Israel before taking them to Gaza against their will.

On Twitter/X feeds, Cllr Butcher reposted several tweets. One tweet described a particular Hamas’ action as ‘a bit wild’, some seeking to draw equivalence between Hamas and Israel and even attacking Ukraine’s President Zelensky for condemning the terrorism. In her letter, Mrs Marson said that Cllr Butcher was ‘seemingly validating the actions of Hamas’.

The local MP described Cllr Butcher’s comments as deplorable and asked Cllr Crystall, the Leader of the Green Party in Hertford and Stortford and of East Herts District Council if he endorsed Cllr Butcher’s views and, if not, what steps he would be taking to censure Cllr Butcher. Mrs Marson also asked Mr Cassidy what action he will be taking to investigate any potential breach of standards.

Mrs Marson signed a cross party letter in solidarity with Israel over the terrorist attacks by Hamas.

Councillor Butcher has responded: He said: “I unequivocally support an immediate end to the violence in Israel and Palestine and want to be absolutely clear that the deliberate targeting of civilians is utterly unacceptable under any circumstances.

“What matters above all else is our collective commitment to forging a permanent and peaceful resolution, one that safeguards the lives of innocent civilians.”

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4 Comments for Over the border: Stortford MP demands action over Green councillor’s social media activity on Israel:

2023-10-11 15:52:46

No trace of the opportunity to kick the green party's success in kicking out the tories in East Herts then. The abhorrent terrorist attack must be condemned in the strongest terms unfortunately it and many of the troubles in the region have been on the cards more and more over last 76 years, since the refugee camps for Palestinians were opened. One other point, It might have been better if Jerusalem had been an international open city a kind of version of the Vatican City.

2023-10-11 21:59:13

What a disgusting and desperate attempt to discredit and tarnish someones name and reputation. We're in crazy times where people draw their own assumptions on the meaning / sentiments behind someone else's words and then try attack them with it like it's unquestionable facts.

James Leppard
2023-10-12 07:57:45

To treat the democratic an internationally recognised state of Israel and a proscribed terrorist organisation Hamas with equanimity is a best completely deranged. This was a cynical and carefully planned indiscriminate attack by Hamas, supported by Iran. Israel has every right under International law to retaliate in its self-defence.

2023-10-12 09:06:42

James, neither side has an excuse for killing innocent civilians whether Jewish or Palestinian. Whether by terrorism or by an air and ground attack by a state, cutting all life services, it's still murder. It's stupidly driven by religion and power mad politicians. Had the Palestinian people not been confined to refugee camps 76 years ago and had Jewish settlers not continued stealing their land, then Hamas would never have existed. Additionally had the Britain and the allies not wreaked havoc by their settlement after ww2 (going on to partition India) and effectively stood back since we may by now have peace. As for Jerusalem, better that it should never have existed, different "peaceful" religious groups hypocritically fighting and tearing themselves and each other apart over bricks, stone and mortar physical sites makes no rational sense. Better the lands were shared and hospitals, schools, industries, farming and tourism had been developed for mutual benefit. Turn swords into plough sheers and reclaim the desert, there's no logical reason why Gaza should be one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

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