Police search for motor bike rider after making off in The Stow

Crime / Thu 12th Oct 2023 at 11:46am

ON Tuesday 10th October 2023, approximately 7:30pm, officers were at The Stow, Harlow dealing with an unrelated incident when an off road bike was seen driving in an anti-social manner, and illegally without displaying a registration plate.

The rider came off the bike and made off from police. Work is being completed to identify the rider and the rider of another bike that was also present at the time. Police recovered the bike that was left behind.

If you have any information in relation to this incident or who this bike belongs to, then please get in contact with us and ask for the information to be passed on to Harlow Community Policing Team.

Visit http://esxpol.uk/CXuYz to find out more about our website reporting services.

Alternatively you can call on 101.

In an emergency always call 999.

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6 Comments for Police search for motor bike rider after making off in The Stow:

2023-10-12 14:30:26

I've seen that Bike in the town park on numerous occasions whilst walking the dog......so that's one down, 3or4 to go.....Well done to our Glorious Boys in Blue!!

At last
2023-10-12 16:47:03

Well done Harlow Police. See this bike and the idiot on it all the time with it's little pals all driving like the plebs they are. Serves him right. Crush it 👍👍👍

2023-10-12 17:26:03

All of these little morons have parents who know exactly what their bikes look like and have probably helped pay for them. They need to start taking responsibility for their offspring before they cause an accident or hurt someone. Let's hope the bike is crushed and soon.

Brian Wilson
2023-10-13 01:24:42

I live in Nicholls Field in Harlow, bike that are un registered drive reckless of the field , I've been told that I can't make a citizen arrest, my German Shepherd would make mince meat if it happens again

2023-10-13 06:52:57

Looks like the bike that passed me when I was stopped at traffic lights at Bush Fair, he went through the red light, turned right and over the pedestrian crossing where people were crossing. Luckily no-one was hurt. Hope they catch this guy, he needs educating!

Throw the book at them
2023-10-13 07:34:04

Reply to Carole Hope they find fingerprints or something on it that can match to the person who owns it and with luck he is already on the radar. Seen this bike about for months and is responsible for near accidents in the town. They actually laugh at the police and want them to chase them. Accidents and near deaths don't stop these cretins it just makes them worse as they think the police won't chase them. And I 100% agree with Auntie Boo that if they are children or under 18 then the parents need to be fined as they are partly responsible. Alot of the riders are over 18 so throw the book at them

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