Rapists and burglars to avoid jail as prisons run out of space

Crime / Thu 12th Oct 2023 at 08:27am

RAPISTS and burglars will escape being sent immediately to jail because the country is running out of prison places. Judges have been told to delay sentencing hearings from next week in a desperate bid to keep down the prison population.

Lord Edis, the senior presiding judge for England and Wales, has suggested that hearings involving criminals currently on bail should be postponed over concerns there won’t be any space for them if they get a prison sentence. The Times reports that ministers are also considering releasing prisoners early to ease the situation.

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13 Comments for Rapists and burglars to avoid jail as prisons run out of space:

2023-10-12 08:58:17

I thought most burglers only got a £100 fine anyway. The last burgler to be sent to prison shared a cell with Guy Failkes.

gary roberts
2023-10-12 10:01:10

So our prisons are full. I knew that and the reasons why at least six years ago. Many prisons are not fit for purpose, they are understaffed, and under resourced. And many are run by the private security groups whose only objective is profit. They pay low level salaries and do not invest in the infrastructure. However, to reduce the prison population I advocate a radical policy that when suggested at a local magistrate interview was rejected. My approach would be to decriminalise drug use and legalise some such as cannabis. It is purely a health issue not a police issue. The benefits would be two fold. Firstly it would free up police officers' time to deal with very serious offending and the courts' time to cut backlogs. Secondly, the money saved would allow the recruitment of professionals in this area to actually provide proper treatment to those users. And finally it would provide tax money when some currently prohibited drugs are legalised. The reasons it will not happen in this country is clear. It would take over a decade to implement fully and politicians' think advocating it will lose them votes. Absolutely pathetic!

2023-10-12 12:01:36

Wtf!!! Rapists won’t be sent straight to prison if they are on bail!! high chance they will rape another person. Releasing people early from a sentence to free space up. So these people who are sentenced for a reason get out early because they need the space. What about the victims. High chance some may go commit the same crime as it’s an easy sentence or won’t even go to prison, have a tap on the wrist and off you go. How about look into building more prisons. Justice system is a bloody joke!

gary roberts
2023-10-12 14:31:50

And of course the whole criminal justice system in England and Wales is rotten to the core. Low legal aid assistance at police stations and at magistrate and crown court level. A growing backlog of over 60,000 cases either delayed or cut and criminal barristers' going on strike for the first time in their history. Add the government interference in the probation service and you can see why prisons are full. My advice is not to vote again for the rubbish that created these problems which includes Mr. Halfon.

The Liberal realist
2023-10-12 14:42:31

I suggest we take the Saudi approach off with the hands and the dangley bits

2023-10-12 15:52:43

Build prisons in Africa send them there and pay those countrys to look after them (if the rapist end up being raped themselves surely thats an eye for an eye😢) decriminalised drugs only adds to more deaths and will overwhelmed the NHS🤔

2023-10-12 17:59:24

If that's not a green light for these people I don't know what is, what astonishes me is if a burglar breaks into your house and you deal with him you know exactly where your going!!!!!

2023-10-12 18:00:37

Keep cramming them in to the cells and stop worrying about the conditions, our prison system is way too soft and no deterrent hence a reoffending rate of around 30%, Both Tories and Labour have spouted the mantra "tough on crime" the reality is they both are incapable of making the tough calls that the majority of the public want when it comes to crime and dealing with offenders

Nogin the nog
2023-10-12 19:25:51

How can a rapist be free what must his victim be feeling . He must be punished

2023-10-12 20:53:00

This has to be a sick joke surely? Once again women will suffer. How can this even happen? This country needs to toughen up andstop letting so many people into our country and if they commit a serious offence then they should be deported and placed in prison in whatever country they come from. This is a disgrace and women have not even been thought of again it seems. This has all gone way to far and we are losing Great Britain. It feels like we are living in the bloody stone age,everything has got worse,not better.

2023-10-13 13:52:12

Diagusting. This news should never have been broken, talk about advertising a green light..Well, the conviction rate is so low for rapists, I guess it was going to be the next stage, don't convict them at all! Similar to NHS waiting times, long list of people not seen within the waiting times? No prob, the tories will solve that by scrapping waiting times completely, prob solved eh? The gov have turned this country to rats...they should be ashamed, utterly ashamed.

2023-10-13 17:36:09

I agree with all these comments and yes a massive green light. What a mess this country is in. It seems to me that the Lord Edis does not give a f*** about womens safety at all,this has really angered me,so once again women are the victims. This country really has scraped the bottom ofthe barrel with this one,what an absolute disgrace that senior judge is.How can this go ahead? My heart breaks for any woman it really does. Rapists are being treated far better than their victims in this country.Absolute disgrace.Lord Edis should be in prison or sectioned the vile man.

Trevor PYLE
2023-10-14 15:52:18

So...the Tory government said we didn't need so many police officers and cut their numbers by 20,000. They got rid of 21,000 support , community officers. The prison service has been warning the government that prisons were getting very to close full capacity. The government has ignored them. They then said we didn't need so many magistrates courts. Nor did we need so many Crown courts. Both resulted in huge backlogs of cases going to court resulting in shocking cases involving rape for example, taking 4 years to get to court by which time evidence has got lost, witnesses disappear or change their minds etc. So our friend John is right. Criminals are being sentenced but are free tonwalk the streets until a place in prison can be found. They privatised the probation service which was a complete shambles, and has since had to been taken back to public ownership. They now boast that they have the largest number of police officers ever. In fact they have only recruited 23,000 officers - so have only.imcreased police numbers by just 3,000 above 2010 levels which is not enough. Is any wonder why....and in their rush to get the numbers back up to 2010 levels they have been recruiting people with previous convictions. What a joke only it isn't funny.

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