Harvey Centre car park set to go cashless

Business / Mon 16th Oct 2023 at 03:12pm

THE Harvey Centre has announced that its car park will move to a cashless system from the 1st November 2023.

Motorists will no longer be able to pay for parking with will be able to simply tap and go at the pay machine with a debit or credit card to validate their stay.

Parking management company Orbility has partnered with The Harvey Centre in this move in a bid to provide a smoother and more efficient car parking experience.

For more information please visit:  https://theharveycentre.com/contact-us/

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16 Comments for Harvey Centre car park set to go cashless:

Chris Radford
2023-10-16 15:24:20

What about the peeps who don’t use cards!!!!

Trevor PYLE
2023-10-16 15:30:26

Exactly. I have a relative who refuses to use a bank card. Will there be a means for a cordless person to pay?

Jodie Brown
2023-10-16 16:04:44

How are people meant to pay if they only use cash?? Is it free parking for non card users?? I sure hope so. Otherwise this is discrimination for cash users! Absolutely disgraceful. I hope you lose a lot of customers. I sure won't be parking there again! People want choice. Use cash, or lose cash. Lose cash, lose your freedom. Keep away from digital. Or just simply offer both! I bet you'll soon accept cash if WiFi goes down!

Bob Tilley
2023-10-16 17:00:53

I will definitely stop using the Harvey centre car park, I don’t mind using a card if I have to, but as soon as you take my choice away , you have lost my custom 100% Cash is king !

2023-10-16 17:13:29

Let’s hope the machines are more efficient then…very temperamental and one doesn’t currently accept card payment!

Christy Brown
2023-10-16 17:29:04

I think this is very very unfair and I hope you lose a lot of custom from this. You’ve lost me. I only pay in cash, there should always be a choice. I’m not against card but I am against people’s choice being taken away. You should be ashamed!! Cash is KING!!!!

2023-10-16 18:44:33

I bet this will mean parking will go up are Harlow council going to bring in a card like the oster card for parking so people can put money on it to pay for your parking 👀 do the shops agree with this move because it's there trade. Is this wot Harlow council call listening to people no consultation people do not want to put a couple off pounds on there debit card. And Enfield council went cashless in there car parks using a QR scanner and scammers put another QR code on there machines. so scammers have now got there customers details and Enfield lost parking revenue hope Enfield council get taken to court 😕and why do this now l surgest the council start listening to people off Harlow before the harvey centre makes a huge loss. is this how council tax payers want there money spent 🙄😔🤔

2023-10-16 19:01:56

I park there about 3 times a week, honestly can't remember the last time I paid cash, it's never been an issue to tap and go, my only comment would be I hope the machines are updated as the current ones take some time to process the payment and return the ticket.

2023-10-16 21:43:07

We need three dimensional thinkers but instead in Harlow council, we just get slabs of processed cheese. If a company is involved, prices will go up and people will turn away from the town centre. If Harlow council wants to save Harlow's town centre and make the car parking "experience smoother", then simply remove all car parking charges in the Water gardens and Harvey centre car parks, rather than give the responsibility to a French car park company.

Luke Burton
2023-10-16 22:34:16

Councils need to commit to allowing cash to be a valid payment method for all its services. Yes, I count parking to be a council service because the council owns the Harvey Centre. Why on earth has it been contracted out?

Guy Flegman
2023-10-17 09:02:32

It’s about time the government got involved in the whole “jump through hoops to park” scam! I for one now do the bulk of my shopping online as I really can’t be bothered with all the parking scams that are going on. Even so called free car parks record your reg now and these systems regularly go wrong and send out fines to people they think have over stayed even when they have not knowing full well that 60% of the people will simply pay the fine. If you operate a retail business then you are losing custom due to the way car parks are setup now days.

Keith H
2023-10-17 09:18:52

Agree with the above comments. Can;t understand why anyone would want to visit the place. The town centre has become a total dump and they wonder why the footfall has dropped. I wouldn't trust the people in charge to run a bath.

2023-10-17 20:58:56

Needs to go on a app the card payments on the machines are so slow

2023-10-18 07:54:38

As a greater proportion of the population become elderly then like a relative of mine, the ever changing "improvements" to banking (closure of branches) and schemes like this with various systems that actually confuse and become vulnerable to scams then people will stop using these facilities. For the town centre it will speed it's decline and for the banks as the online systems change so frequently and are different from bank to bank, people will withdraw their cash and, contrary to HMRC's and big brother's tracking and taxation wishes, we all will move to use cash more and more. After all if your scammed online the thieves can take your life savings, if your purse is stolen you might only lose £50. Car parks are places where people get mugged so perhaps it would be more efficient, cut crime, provide employment and help for customers by employing car parking attendants to look after shoppers, providing a service rather than another Council tax or profits for car parking companies. The Council (Harvey Centre) and the parking companies need to remember they need our custom, there's other places to shop.

2023-10-18 13:07:25

The "smoother and more efficient parking experience" is purely for the benefit of Parking management company Orbility who will no longer have the expense of handling cash. The "parking experience" is about the accessibility, cleanliness, space, light and security of the parking area, not in the method of payment when you exit. If the footfall in town centres is to be re-invigorated parking needs to be Free in order to compete. The move is very self centred. I agree with all the above comments.

2023-10-19 15:22:46

If you don't use card these days you're living in the 90s. I pray for the staff working at the Harvey Centre, you're going to get a lot of backlash when this happens. People will need reminding that this wasn't your decision.

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