Taylor Wimpey to consult Gilston and Eastwick residents on plans for 1500 homes on Harlow’s border

News / Fri 20th Oct 2023 at 08:13am

COMMUNITY consultation will begin this month as Taylor Wimpey shapes the design of a new 1,500-home village in East Herts reports the Stortford Independent.

The development is part of plans for seven settlements delivering 10,000 properties as part of the wider Harlow and Gilston Garden Town project to build more than 23,000 dwellings.

East Herts Council granted planning permission for Places for People’s six villages and Taylor Wimpey’s outline scheme earlier this year.

The exhibitions will take place on Saturday, October 28, from 10am to 3pm and Tuesday, October 31, from 11.30am and 6.45pm, at Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall, Eastwick Road.

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18 Comments for Taylor Wimpey to consult Gilston and Eastwick residents on plans for 1500 homes on Harlow’s border:

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-20 08:54:40

7,000 signatures against this destruction of our river stort valley, in Harlow alone. 7 unaffordable housing estates, where affordable housing has dropped significantly allready... thousands and thousands of more cars into Harlow. Facilities should be built first, houses second, so we know we will truly get them, putting less pressure on our services.... This circle of destruction does not benift Harlow at all.... we don't get council tax, we are not getting houses for people, with over 5,000 homeless in Harlow... This is a question from other councils of not on my door step, and our own council do not stand with us to save our river stort valley... our own council let us all down very badly...Consultation means nothing, Consultation is a one sided view,which is your view, none of you want to listen to public options, none of you care , and this Consultation is only to make you all look good..... If you build on theses wet lands, we will flood... not to mention the destruction of trees wildlife habitat s, ecosystem s. Plenty of people don't want this, but none of this matters to you. This is a profit before needs ,pure and simple.. shame on you all, and that includes you Harlow council, you let us all down.

2023-10-20 09:03:49

PR exercise: as we have seen, once the tory party has received it's "donations " from property developers and planning permission has been granted by said tory councillors the developers do as they please, like forget to build the schools, health centres, decent cycle tracks, etc etc as seen here in Harlow. These developments are butt up to our boarders and will overload the town, increase congestion, pollution and flooding as well as moving PAH hospital, billed as "a new hospital for Harlow " miles out of the town entirely and into Epping as well as destroying the ecology, habitat and tranquility of what should be a protected chalk stream, the River Stort. Epping and East Herts avoided their own county towns, Epping and Hertford and Harlow suffers the consequences. Harlow Council totally suckered

Mark M
2023-10-20 09:05:11

Before Taylor wimpey start that build they need to finish off Gilden park first there are still road works that they keep digging up if the council came to take a look well health and safety is not there a bloody joke you have children playing near by they could get hurt shame on Taylor wimpey no shops as promised looks like they can get away with anything the council needs to step in and sort it out but they are probably getting back handers not fair on hard work public

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-20 09:24:08


Mark M
2023-10-20 10:29:48

Kim these companies don't give a dam about normal hard working people. They are just interested in thier pockets it is totally disgusting honestly it's like a bomb site and children are playing right next to it. I am not sure if there is live wirering there but again the health and safety from these so called big building companies. And the council are not interested as they are getting thier back handers like I said in my last email 😒

2023-10-20 11:54:55

Ladies and Gents, as we know its all about GREED in this country, just remember karma is sweet and 1 day it will come round and bite those hard in the butt that dont listen to the public and have fancy houses that Rob off the public. Revenge is sweet🙂👍

Nicholas Taylor
2023-10-20 12:09:11

Possibly the most relevant point to make is the fact that despite the massive effect these developments will have on those of us living in Harlow, neither the developers or East Herts Council are bothered about what those of us living in Harlow think, that is why they are holding this consultation exercise where very few people live. Apart from this article, is anyone in Harlow being advised of this event, I think not. Our elected Councillors are of course sitting on their hands because even in public they support development to the North of Harlow. As I have said many times before, this is about housing greed, not housing need.

2023-10-20 16:22:29

I agree with every single one if these comments and every single one of them have said it all in a nutshell. There really are some greedy,selfish and vile human beings on this earth and developers fall into that category. These developers know that they are taking the p*** out of us residents in Harlow,but of course they dont care because none of them probably live anywhere near here,they probably live in big houses surrounded by lush open green fields. To take away so much of nature and build concrete structures ie. Thousands of new homes is absolutely criminal,this will have a massive impact on every one of us living in Harlow in such a negative way. Hospital waiting times are bad emough already and its near on impossible to get a docs appointment. Whst a disgrace everyone involved is. You should be ashamed of yourselves.To be a pedestrian in Harlow and go for a walk in the evenings is like a bloody obstacle course and u take your life in your own hands tyring to cross the roads because of the way people park there big transit vans a 4×4,s and cars and i dread the thought of still living in Harlow in a few years time with all these thousands of new homes,people and many many many more cars and vans. Shame on you all.

Harlow resident
2023-10-20 16:57:34

I passed through Gilden Park recently, why isn't it finished? I wanted to try the new cycle tracks but some were rubble in places. Why is it still a building site? Where's the promised services ? Finish one job before you even consider starting on another. Why are all these developments building on Harlow's boundary? Let's face it the plan is clearly to leave Harlow as the centre of a rotten apple yet expect us to take on the burden of providing services that are already broken. We can't get to see GPs or dentists. Specialist hospital appointments are repeatedly cancelled and the roads are at a standstill. That's without considering the huge burden of temporary housing and no social housing stock. This is utterly shameful What happened to the legal action to ensure the developers put the services in for Gilden Park ? Absolutely shocking disregard for Harlow.

2023-10-20 17:00:10

Yet another sham masquerading as a consultation. We all know that these consultations are little more than a public relations exercise, so the powers that be can say people were consulted. Proper consultation would show that no one wants any of these developments to go ahead, but no one in power bothers to listen. I still have yet to meet anyone who thinks the HGGT is a good idea, and is no help to Harlow or Gilston resident's.

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-20 18:04:53

Strange how our Harlow councilors stay away from this, I know you've seen this.. And you know the people are right in this town.. you sold us all down the river.. you reap what you sow. You've made a lot of mistakes, but this is your biggest one.

Harlow Resident
2023-10-20 19:04:49

Kim sadly irreversible mistakes that we will have to live with

2023-10-20 20:03:31

10,000 new homes all piling through Harlows creaking road infrastructure, health infrastructure (I bet the new hospital plans haven't got the growth built in for that) What could possibly go wrong? @Harlow resident, you said "Finish one job before you even consider starting on another" The reason why they do this is because upon completion of an estate, there are some big bills to be paid by the developer and that is why when you see new estates built, newhall is a good example, it looks like the estate is complete but weirdly they seem to have left some areas unfinished for ages. The council knows developers do this, the developers know everyone knows this and no one seems to be willing to stop these abuses. In truth, no Harlow council has the guts or will, stand up to developers turning Harlow into another run down borough

Tracy George
2023-10-21 06:42:28

Taylor Wimpey, one of the worst builders going. Oh joy.

2023-10-21 08:57:17

What happens in Harlow also happens in Bishop's Stortford; new houses being built with an inadequate infrastructure. There has been road works at Birchanger that have last for months and bring chaos to airport workers and residents alike. Furthermore, those new houses build in the middle of nowhere do not even help the people as they will be as unaffordable as the current ones.

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-21 09:38:02

Developers have had there own way far to long, and people are waking up to this... they have no regard for environment, and no regard for affordable housing... if councils refuse something, there throw back to this government and it will be approved, over rulings public options and councils... this needs to change.. there holding all the cards.. Time for a change. TIME TO PUT PUBLIC OPIONS FIRST AND FORMOST.. And theses councils and this government are not it.. Labour will be no different on housing.

Mark M
2023-10-21 10:38:48

Hi Kim did you work for pbs

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-21 17:12:30

Mark m, I worked in catering for many years, where you have to respect public options.

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