Kennels application rejected as it could breach resident’s human rights

General / Sat 21st Oct 2023 at 10:36am

AN application to build two greyhound kennels has been rejected after councillors heard the facility could breach residents’ human rights reports the BBC.

They would have replaced an existing kennel at Redmoor Lane in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, increasing the number of dogs from 30 to more than 100.

Locals told Fenland District Council‘s planning committee they felt like there were “living in hell”.

The committee voted unanimously to reject the plans. 

Kathleen Gough, who lives less than 100ft (30m) feet from the kennel, told the committee her family has “no quality of life any more” because of noise, while Andrew Gough said he was under “constant stress”.

Conservative councillor for March South, Jan French, said she “cannot believe this application has been recommended for approval”.

She said: “You’re breaching the human rights of these people. You’re taking away their enjoyment and peace of their homes and you’re making them ill.”

Independent councillor for Whittlesey South, Roy Gerstner, likened the noise from barking dogs to torture.

No representative for the applicant, Harlow Town Greyhound Entertainment, attended.

Councillors heard from an independent consultant that noise levels at the kennel were currently legally acceptable and that replacing it with new kennels – with sound-proofing, mechanical ventilation and an acoustic screen – would actually reduce overall noise, particularly in the evening and at night. 

However, councillors said they did not find the noise assessment credible and questioned how effectively noise from the dogs could really be contained.

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