Harlow Council and HTS overhaul street cleaning service to “restore pride” in Harlow

Communities / Thu 26th Oct 2023 at 11:38am

HARLOW Council and HTS are taking action to restore pride in Harlow with an overhaul of the council’s street cleaning programme.

As part of the new regime, the town has been divided into four quarters with each quarter having a six-person team maintaining it day to day. Previously teams covered the town in a ‘wave’, working their way from one side of town to the other; operating in four quarters simultaneously enables them to better stay on top of keeping Harlow’s streets and estates clean.

These results of these changes mean:

  • A significant reduction in litter and dumped rubbish as each area will be litter-picked more regularly.
  • Public litter bins being emptied every 2 days rather than every 3 days previously, with 134 extra bins installed over recent weeks. Bins in council-maintained shopping areas are emptied daily.
  • Housing estate roads being cleaned every 6 weeks rather than every 8 weeks.
  • Detritus and leaves being cleared more regularly.

Councillor Nicky Purse, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, recently joined the HTS street cleaning teams to see the new working methods in action.

Commenting on her visit, Cllr Purse, said:

“The progress achieved so far with these new working practices shows we – Harlow Council and HTS together – have taken a big step forward in our work to improve the look of our town, whilst becoming more efficient in the way we operate. It is all part of achieving our priority of restoring pride in Harlow.

“I am very grateful to all the operatives who have adapted to the new ways of working and, as ever, are out in all weathers working hard to keep Harlow clean. Residents will see the benefits of these new practices with less litter and rubbish, public bins emptied more regularly, roads swept more often and leaves and detritus cleared more regularly.”

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26 Comments for Harlow Council and HTS overhaul street cleaning service to “restore pride” in Harlow:

2023-10-26 12:19:34

Restore pride in our town? I am sick of reading this. The bushes and trees are so overgrown and the pavements are so dangerous its shocking and the cycle paths are no go. Get in the real world and take a walk around the older original areas in harlow.pavements in some areas have been a danger for about 5 years now. Restore pride in our town,you are hilarious.

2023-10-26 14:39:06

Leaves cleared more regularly😆.Are you sure that there is no health and safety involved in sweeping up the leaves?🤣

2023-10-26 15:41:29

does that mean they are going to get out their van and do some work at last. cant walk down the paths here they havnt cut the overgrown hedges this year wait to see the new improved maintance always looks nice around the town centre not good when you go into the estates

Steven walters
2023-10-26 16:17:02

If it weren't for Harlow Wombles. The town would be actually disgusting. They only pick up the litter what they can see. Don't pick anything up from the Bushes

Nogin the nog
2023-10-26 16:57:54

You cant blame the council for the litter only the people who throw it on the floor .but I agree about the paths and hedges thay are terrible and that is down to the council

2023-10-26 17:01:14

HTS and all other Council's would not need to employ anyone for picking up litter, if people were not so thoughtless and dirty. People moan about Council's not keeping the streets clean, but it is people who chuck their litter about which make the places look so dirty. This country should be like Japan and Singapore where if you drop litter including cigarette butts, your feet would not touch the ground as you are marched away. Those 2 countries are spotless as the people have pride in their country unlike what we have here.

Great Uncle Bulgaria
2023-10-26 18:54:50

They want to try and walk up or down the lane in Fold Croft. Car tyre, old TV, gas canisters and someone duping over their fence, that does not include the supermarket trolly on the hill and other general rubbish dumped in the small wood. Get a dog and go for a walk, it will open their eyes. As said above when they get out of the van they pick the 2 bits 2 feet away then get back in the Van.

2023-10-26 20:29:41

So just what does the council have to do to get even a tiny thank you for their efforts to improve the town. As stated in comments, they don't drop the litter. I know it is their job (personally I would get benefit scroungers on it), and there is a bit of spin but the tories are giving it a go locally even if nationally they are poor

2023-10-26 21:31:51

Get the hard core lazy benefit bums out there cleaning the estates pickling up the rubbish cleaning up fly tipping plus painting areas that need a lick of paint have them doing a full day's work 24/7

2023-10-26 23:20:13

Pity they don't sort out the problems in their council properties just as well, had a council guy come round to ascess the cold walls in our property riddled with mould two months ago. Guess what they've done nothing since and my kids sleep in there so spare me the restore pride crap and sort out my flat.

2023-10-27 05:41:36

I think the council need to focus on the gardening mantainance I have complained numberous times this year to see when my area will be done, all you get told is that it's been passed to HTS (which i esculated in a complaint STILL NOTHING), there cut off time for doing it was apparently October! So another year that it's not been done! Wouldnt mind but when you see the workers sitting around in there vans or standing talking it's no wonder that work isn't completed....half tempted to apply for a job there myself, get paid for doing SFA!

Tracy George
2023-10-27 07:18:13

Am in Old Harlow and when I first moved to Harlow about 10 years ago the area had a deep clean frequently and an early morning daily sweep in one of those little driver sweep things. Because of all the litter and broken glass the pub goers leave behind, it was a much needed service. Now we rarely see anyone and bottles/glasses and broken glass can stay there for weeks on end because landlords don't help or collect their empties. It takes a resident to finally get around to reporting it to get it removed, something we shouldn't have to keep doing.

2023-10-27 07:36:06

Council are a disgrace in harlow, leaking roof when it rains in my shower room phoned emergency 4 times ( first time t all 7th sept) rain drips on to shower control which could be dangerous, no visit at all or contact . 1 call i made they said put a,bucket under it !! Disgusting

2023-10-27 07:45:27

Harlow residents need to do their bit too with rubbish, especially the LOW LIFE (only a small percentage) that think it’s ok to drop rubbish and glass! We need to help in order to keep this town great and live here with pride! My only moan is overgrown trees n bushes along paths, to cut them back and keep them regularly cut back so we can walk around this great town! Examples 1/ Burnt mill roundabout past toby to retail parks 2/ Harlow FC towards Poundland depot 3/ Burnt mill roundabout towards Harlow FC (Elizabeth Way)

J Saunders
2023-10-27 08:18:05

Get people on benefits to help keep the borough clean they should earn their benefit if they are able bodied everyone should do their bit to make harlow a nicer place to live.

Mr Derek Clark
2023-10-27 08:36:52

I see the council workers getting a right slapping on here, but the truth is it's the sad people of Harlow that litter the streets, as for the foot paths look to the else where as these guy and girls who maintain our streets and green areas don't go around smashing up the paths. Maybe some people in Harlow forgot to not drive or park on the paths. Sad people blaming the wrong person.

J. M. Gamble
2023-10-27 10:10:51

Some on here make me laugh. The moan and yet they probably don't even clear their own gardens or pick up their dogs Ness. The ETF team at HTS are probably the hardest working people in this town, they go out in all kinds of weather not only picking up rubbish the people of Harlow throw down but also clear fly tip all produced by the GOOD PEOPLE of Harlow. Before you complain about others sort yourselves out. Try cutting your own hedges and grass.

james nicholson
2023-10-27 13:07:52

OK, I see good points here regarding lazy people not clearing up after themselves, and I see valid points regarding hts workers also being fairly lazy. I would suggest that it is incredibly difficult to take pride in a town where half of it is rundown and empty, the roads and pavements have potholes and are crumbling and gangs are lurking on the streets. We need some actual investment into renovation and a council that actually care about the town they serve.

Julie Harrington
2023-10-27 13:27:55

After 2 months of no communal lighting, we still haven't had it fixed in a block of lats. The council and HTS don't seem to communicate and I'm sick of calling all the time. It's dangerous with no lighting

Julie Harrington
2023-10-27 13:28:47

After 2 months of no communal lighting, we still haven't had it fixed in a block of flats. The council and HTS don't seem to communicate and I'm sick of calling all the time. It's dangerous with no lighting

J. M. Gamble
2023-10-27 17:10:37

Potholes are the responsibility of Essex County Council.

2023-10-27 17:58:48

Joke all of it. The tress should all be cut down to 6ft. There is a lot of over hanging trees at staple tye cycle path going oast shawbridge and hollyfield let alone loads of other areas around the town. Will not be long the over ganging branches will snap and kill someone. What will they say then.

Mr Bryan J Rowley
2023-10-27 19:21:45

I think the 3 men who clean the town park are heroes

Jill Rainer
2023-10-28 10:05:53

It just a head banging situation with Harlow Council & HTS as no matter how many times we all complain THEY ARE ALL COHERENT & REALLY DO NOT WANT TO WORK. The town may well be kept nice but the rest is a total mess. There is litter everywhere broken bottles street light broken, trees & bushes needing a real good cut back as it's getting to look like jurassic park out there with things so very overgrown . I have a mobility scooter & some of these bushes are actually growing towards each other to a point of not being able to pass through & that is not a joke, the paths are atrocious & the trees are all so ugly & unkempt that they too need some drastic attention. I keep a visual on HTS vans as I go around with my dog & scooter & I have also been saying that they may be sent to do this that & the other but they are all just standing or sitting around in the van doing NOTHING AT ALL. As for litter picking if it's not directly in front of them at a standstill then they do not go walking around estates making sure there is none. So yes Harlow Council & HTS employees are being paid for doing SFA. The place is becoming dangerous for all children to the old age as you just can't see what's ahead of you on these estates pavements, cycle tracks etc because of the bushes, hedges & dangerous hanging trees. And may I just add I do have a dog I take out every day on my scooter & i do pick up he's 💩 as well as others if they are in my pathway when out, I also see s lot of HTS Vans but none of them ever working. We need more than just grass cutting or people will stop paying part of there council tax if things don't start to look up afterall it's the public's money that pays for this so why is there no results all year round.

2023-10-31 00:17:52

Sort out the Harvey Centre as well its the worst shopping centre in Essex, empty shops barely any decent eating places, I drive the 15 miles to westfield stratford rather than shop in Harlow Town centre, its that bad. Harlow is fast becoming a place you just live in and go out of town for everything else.

David Forman
2023-11-02 01:00:17

The people complaining about overgrown bushes should realise that the grass cutting season was extended by a month to the end of October. Hedge cutting starts this month. The landscaping team are usually short of staff because not many people want to do hard physical work that leaves older workers with back and other joint problems. Vibration White Finger is an occupational hazard for gardeners which can cut short careers and leave people with permanent disability. As a result, the average age of the council landscaping team I would estimate as being in the 50s. Riding a John Deere(green), Toro(red) or Kubota(orange) mower over many years can leave operatives with back issues. The Toro is the best ride of the three. So, everything is not as rosy in the garden as the keyboard warriors think.

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