Health bosses press for health facilities at new Latton Priory development

News / Fri 27th Oct 2023 at 07:46am

AS we published earlier, any mention of health facilities has been removed from the plans for over 1500 homes right as part of the Latton Priory development.

There is a series of consultations this week.

We know that the NHS was less than impressed with what was on offer at the Gilston developments, so we asked then whether they are pressing for services where up to 5,000 people could be moving in.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board, said:  “Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board is working with partner organisations, including Harlow Council and Epping Forest District Council, to make sure that planned new housing developments consider the impact on existing health services in the area. The aim of this work is to ensure adequate investment in and provision for additional health services that will be needed due to the increased population. It relies on councils securing the necessary contributions from developers to provide the required health infrastructure. 

“We have been carrying out work to assess how health services need to be expanded to accommodate the housing growth linked to Harlow Gilston Garden Town and the Latton Priory development. It is clear from this work that there is a need to increase GP surgery capacity, as well as other primary care and community and mental health services in the area.

“There are various options for providing additional GP surgery capacity: as well as looking at creating new GP practices to support people living in the new development we could also consider reconfiguring, extending or relocating existing GP premises to give them extra capacity to provide for patients moving into the new developments as well as continuing to support current residents. We are committed to engaging with local patients, communities and those working in local health services as we explore those options and to working with partners and developers to create the right health provision for local people.”

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4 Comments for Health bosses press for health facilities at new Latton Priory development:

2023-10-27 07:56:19

Shows a back to front, cart before the horse system: large developers should be required to competitively tender and if their projects are approved first build the infrastructure schools, shops, community and health centres before being allowed to sell any properties they are building.

2023-10-27 15:15:29

None of these developments should go ahead until healthcare facilities are in place. It's nigh on impossible to see a doctor as it is. Existing surgeries need to ensure their boundaries exclude these areas.

2023-10-27 15:18:33

And why the hell should it even be considered to relocate existing surgeries to make things easier for residents on the new developments? Unless of course epping surgeries are relocated to accommodate the latton priory site, as after all its an epping development. Oh, of course that won't happen, heaven forbid anywhere other than harlow be negatively impacted

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-27 18:45:40

Harlow council knew what they sighned and sealed. We greens were there, they said all houses will be built first, we knew this would happen, now,Harlow council have gone crying... while hearts and Epping reap the reward from theses monstrosity s, .. Harlow gains nothing, nothing, all we gain is destruction and disruption.... thousands of new unaffordable houses, that will end up using our services... putting more and more pressure on Harlow s all ready crumbling service.... we have Harlow s council to thank for this,, this is what you get,when you don't Listen to public opinions... you sold this town down the river.. shame on you all.

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